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10 Boxes to Tick when Evaluating a Video Marketing Platform

5 minute read
Evaluting Video Marketing Platform

Like most modern marketing teams, you’re likely investing more resources in online video content than ever before. And why wouldn’t you? Video is the most influential medium for engaging online audiences and building an emotional connection with your buyers. It’s the perfect way to inspire, educate, and…

Calling All Marketers: Get Inspired and Get Recognized

4 minute read
VMAs feat

Video marketing helps engage audiences and close more deals than any other content type. But it doesn’t happen all on its own. Marketers like you work hard to create videos that excite viewers and convert them into customers. You’re smart about how you use those videos as…

Marketing Automation: The Foundation of Your Marketing Tech Stack

3 minute read
marketing stack foundation

With seemingly never-ending options of new technology to choose from, digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape of options. Marketing automation platforms (MAPs) are quickly becoming the cornerstone of the modern B2B marketing technology stack because they are more efficient, more powerful, and more cost-effective than using a…

Announcing Space Camp 2015: the Galaxy’s Best Video Marketing Summit

1 minute read

When you were a kid, what did you dream of becoming? An astronaut? A firefighter? A forest ranger? No matter what it was, or how often it changed, one thing remained the same: you were inspired by a world full of limitless possibilities, and you wanted to…

Why Marketers Fail at Video: Top Three Challenges and How to Overcome Them

4 minute read
Chipotle Video Marketing

After enduring 108.6 inches of snow this winter, my wife and I decided we needed a vacation. “Where to?” she asked. My answer? Disney World. You may wonder why a grown man without any children would seek warmth and refuge in this crowded theme park. The answer…

5 Things you Need to Consider when Building a Marketing Tech Stack

3 minute read
MarTech Stack

A marketing tech stack may not be as delectable as a warm pile of soft and fluffy, freshly cooked pancakes, dripping with butter and bathed in sweet syrup. Those plump blueberries, delicately chocolate-dipped strawberries, and … oh, whoops – this is not a post about pancakes. But…

The Science Behind Why Video Works

2 minute read
science of video

Quick, if you had to give up any of your five senses, which would you choose? I bet you didn’t pick your sight. Our experience of the world is perceived 83% with our sense of sight. Hearing ranks next at 11%, and smell, touch, and taste rank…

Use Video Marketing Analytics to Learn about Your Videos and Viewers

4 minute read
Video Analytics

Are you guilty of the fly-by-posting, A.K.A. the post-and-dash? Whatever you call it, it just isn’t effective marketing to create videos, post them, and then abandon them (and your viewers!). Video marketing shouldn’t be a mystery; in fact, if you’re using the right analytics, video is like…

Flash Disabled in Firefox and Chrome: What You Need to Know

2 minute read
Flash Disabled

Earlier this week another bomb was dropped on the aging Flash platform when Mozilla announced that playback of Flash video is now disabled by default in the Firefox browser due to (yet another) security vulnerability. Google quickly followed suit by blocking Flash by default in Chrome and…

Video Marketing How-To: Re-Using Content On Multiple Channels

1 minute read

Welcome to another episode of Video Marketing How-To! This week we want to talk about repurposing video content for different platforms. It’s no secret that different audiences have different demands when it comes to your content – but that doesn’t mean you can’t re-use a piece of…