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Is Your Product How-To Video a How-Not-To?

4 minute read
product how-to video

You’ve got an amazing product and you want to teach the world how to use it. And, brilliant marketer that you are, you want to do that using a How-To video instead of subjecting people to user guides and instruction manuals aplenty (snoooore). But with so many…

Using Video to Turn Website Traffic into Leads

2 minute read
Website traffic to leads with video

I’m a big believer in using video as part of your digital marketing program.  Over the past three years, we’ve done over 150 videos at PGi and I’ve spoken about our video strategy at many conferences. Not to beat my own drum, but I’m usually speaking to…

Bringing It Home: How To Build The Optimal Video Production Team

3 minute read
In-house video production team

Every company dreams of having all of their marketing handled in house. Building a dream-team of marketing super heroes is something we’ve discussed in the past, but what happens when you really want to step up your video marketing game? You can hire an agency – and…

7 Snack-Sized Lessons on Video Marketing that will Rock Your Digital Marketing World

1 minute read
Video Marketing Institute

There’s no doubt about it. Video is a digital marketing powerhouse, the consumer’s preferred content medium, and it drives some serious business results. Don’t believe me? Well I’ve got proof. Check out these 20 stats: Since video’s kinda killing it and it’s definitely not going anywhere, marketers…

Do I Need A Video? 5 Questions To Ask For Your Next Campaign

4 minute read
Do I need a video?

As you may have guessed, we’re big believers in the power of video. It’s compelling, sharable, and most importantly trackable. 82% of B2B marketers reported success with video marketing initiatives. What’s not to love? Much like any medium, it is possible to have too much of a…

Free Forrester Report: Personalized Video can Help Increase CTRs by 985%

1 minute read

People are inherently selfish. Sorry, err no offense! But seriously, from a marketing perspective, consumers are really only interested in products that will help them. In addition, consumers are notoriously horrible at visualizing a different situation than they’re presented with. Put these two items together and all…

Vidyard Raises $18M Series B to Fuel Video Marketing Innovation

2 minute read

Customers, Partners, Investors, Marketers and fellow Vidyardians: Today, January 14th, 2015, I’m very proud to officially announce the closing of Vidyard’s Series B financing. On one hand this post represents an exciting achievement; on the other, it’s my final breath in the calm before the storm.  Undoubtedly,…

The Rise of Vidyard and the Video Marketing Platform

0 minute read
Vidyard Timeline

With today’s announcement of our Series B funding, we felt it was appropriate to take a wee trip down memory lane and look at the milestones that brought Vidyard and the video marketing industry to where it is today. Join us on this look back, embrace the…

How to A/B Test your Marketing Video

4 minute read
A/B test video

“Let’s A/B test that.” You hear it over and over because, according to Steelhouse, A/B testing is the most used testing method for improving conversion rates. And ya know why? Because it works. Obama himself raised an extra $61 million due to A/B testing. You can’t argue…

6 Influencers, 8 Blogs, and 10 Books on Video Marketing You’d Be Cray Cray Not to Follow

6 minute read
Best Video Marketing Resources

Who doesn’t love a little “light reading” on a regular basis? You do! That’s why you’re in marketing, right? I mean, things change at such a rapid pace in the marketing world that staying fresh on new content is a pretty critical component to keeping your own…