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[Case Study] Video and Marketing Automation Help You Better Engage, Score, and Convert Customers

1 minute read
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Are you sitting down? I’ve got something very important to tell you. You likely use a marketing automation platform to help you take your marketing efforts from “I think people are liking it” to “Wow, look at all the leads we’re engaging and deals we’re helping close!”…

3 Simple Ways to Customize A Single Video Campaign for Multiple Audiences

2 minute read
personalized video

Consumers don’t know how to personalize your messages. The fact is, general marketing copy or messages developed to appeal to a broad list of leads is likely not appealing to much of your list at all. We’re inundated with marketing and overloaded with work: consumers don’t have…

Why Video and Visual Marketing is Everyone’s New Best Friend

4 minute read
video visual marketing best friends

Recently I sat down with Demand Gen Report to talk about the role of video in B2B marketing. I wanted to provide some additional commentary on the subject but frankly the more I thought about the topic I realized I really don’t like that pesky ‘B2B’ designation…

Video Marketing How-To: Measure the Success of Your Video at Every Funnel Stage

1 minute read

Welcome to another episode of Video Marketing How-To! Today we want to talk about how you can analyze the success of your video at different stages of the buying funnel. First, it’s important to define what happens at each stage of the funnel! Top of funnel content…

Video SEO Making You Craz-EO? Try These Helpful Tips!

4 minute read
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SEO. It’s serious business, and ultra-important. Why else would it get the “acronym” treatment? You know, when only the “big deal” concepts can be shortened into just a few letters because everyone knows what they are without having to bother saying the whole word. Search Engine Optimization…

Use Video to Prospect Leads and Control the Conversation

3 minute read
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It is an amazing time to be in sales. Prospects and customers are coming to the table with a great deal of understanding about products and services. That’s because they’re always looking for easy-to-consume content that will equip them with the best knowledge and insights to make…

5 Reasons Why a Video Marketing Platform is a New B2B Marketing MUST

3 minute read
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Video marketing is transforming how we do business Video isn’t just a nice-to-have at all stages of the buying journey, it’s a must. Why? Because up to 90% of a customer’s decision to purchase is made before they come into contact with your sales team. We aren’t…

Storytelling Advice and Resources for Marketers

4 minute read
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She had done it: slipped undetected into a house that wasn’t hers. The heat and darkness of the night fled, banished to the outside by a snarling blast of cool air from the vents, and the bright white of the bulbs over her head. She thought of…

[Guide] How to Use Video and Marketing Automation to Better Engage, Qualify, and Convert Buyers

1 minute read
video marketing automation

Video is here to stay. It’s a preferred method of consumption, it converts at a higher rate than any other content type, and by 2018, according to Cisco, 80% of internet traffic will be comprised of video alone. What’s more, this powerhouse doesn’t shy away from duties…

4 Pro Tips for Creating Video Content that Resonates with your Audience

1 minute read
Creating Video Content

You know video’s where it’s at. But how do you create content that will pull in qualified buyers and keep them coming back for more? Alex Marshall, Founder of George Briggs Media shares his top tips to crafting the right video content and driving measurable results. Video…