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Engagement is Everything: Our Takeaways from Marketing Nation 2015

3 minute read
Marketo Summit

Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit is like starter’s pistol for marketers in Q2. Spring has sprung, and thousands of marketers descended on San Francisco to learn from one another, share some drinks at the annual gala, and discover new technologies to take their marketing to the next level….

5 Tips to Take Your Infographic from Static to Electric with Video

4 minute read
video infographic

Not many content forms can beat the infographic. It’s got style, it’s got class. It provides a lot of information, facts, and statistics in an easily digestible, and even better, enjoyable way. But one content form does have the infographic beat: video. It’s not a frozen piece…

A Complete Guide to Unleashing Employee-Generated Content with Video

1 minute read

When we asked Jay Baer, New York Times Best-selling Author of Youtility and President of Convince & Convert, what the top Content Marketing trend of 2015 was, he said EGC or employee generated content. But not just EGC; EGC on video. Find out why he thinks this…

Use Video at Your Event to Engage Customers Even After It’s Over

3 minute read
Event Video

Did you just participate in an industry conference? Host an event? These events are one of the best ways to engage with prospects and customers, learn and share industry knowledge, and collect a plethora of leads that could fill your pipeline for the next few months. (The…

When Should You Use a Whiteboard Video?

2 minute read
Whiteboard Video

Did you know that whiteboard videos increase memory recall by 15%, and they can also increase the brain’s level of dopamine, which is a pleasure chemical? According to Sparkol it’s true, and that’s partly why whiteboard videos are so wildly successful for marketers. Whether you can believe…

Learn from the Best: An Informative Video Marketing Q&A with LA Creative Director

4 minute read
video q&a

Sometimes it’s best to learn from someone who’s been there, done that … over and over again. Which is precisely why we sat down with David Murdico, Creative Director and Managing Partner at Supercool Creative Agency. At the beginning of this year, we listed David as an…

6 Important Takeaways from Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience

5 minute read
Oracle Modern Marketing Experience

Every marketer knows the real key to success is to always be learning. Consumer behavior changes every day, and new technologies are constantly evolving that make communicating with your customers and prospects easier, more timely, and with greater relevance than ever. For true Modern Marketers, the mecca…

What you Need to Know from Forrester and Lattice Engines’ Insanely Informative Discussion on Video Marketing

3 minute read
Forrester video marketing

“Many marketers are doing something with video online, but they’re really in their infancy, particularly when it comes to applying video for maximum effect.” – Philipp Karcher, Senior Analyst, Forrester Last week, Philipp Karcher, Senior Analyst from Forrester and Elle Woulfe, Senior Director of Demand Generation at…

Why Volkswagen’s Old Wives Tale Video Campaign Works so Well

2 minute read
Volkswagen Old Wives Tale

Diesel engines have a spotty history. While they’re popular choices for trucks and ships, diesel cars have long been known as dirty, inefficient, and difficult to refuel in some areas. Modern diesel engines are leaps ahead of their transport-truck counterparts, and to promote the new Passat, Volkswagen…

How to Make Your Video Production Budget Go Further

2 minute read
Video Production Budget

One thing I’ve learned about video production: it can be expensive. Between the shoots and edits and approvals and versioning, you can blow through a lot of money very fast.  So, the question is: How do you create a high volume of high quality videos at a…