Recruiting Event Recap (now with more Dubstep!)

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Last week, Vidyard had the pleasure of hosting our 5th termly Recruiting Event at the esteemed establishment of Mr. Ryan Good – the Chainsaw Saloon.

Check out the recap video (now with more DUBSTEP)

Some Pictures:

As usual, we were sure to stock up on beer, nerf guns, stickers, t-shirts, startups, hackers, hustlers and all-you-can-eat poutine.

We’d like to thank our wonderful sponsors. Without them, this event wouldn’t be possible (well it might be possible but it would not be very awesome).

Big thanks to:

Communitech Hyperdrive

Ernst & Young


Dave Fedy (McCarter Grespin)

Another big thanks goes out to all of the startups that were present. If it wasn’t for the participation of companies looking to meet, greet and recruit, none of this would be possible.

VidyardPairEnflickTribeHRKikWilletUpverterA Thinking Ape,
BufferBoxSweet Tooth,Uken

The next event is currently scheduled for September 20th. Stay tuned to Vidyard for the next event details as they become available!


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