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Vidyard recruiting event recap!

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Hey all,

Just over 2 weeks ago, we hosted our 4th recruiting event at the Chainsaw Saloon. The event was an awesome amalgamation of entrepreneurs, startups, engineers, CS’ers, Beer, Poutine and Nerf Guns.

A special shoutout to YCombinator partners, Garry Tan and Aaron Iba who seemed to be in a constant state of getting pitched.

Another special shoutout goes out to Sonia Ryan over at A Thinking Ape for organizing and AWESOME pre-event panel of YC alum over at the University of Waterloo.

Big Congratulations to Matthew Precious who crushed the coding challenge. Without further ado, check out the video recap below.

Thanks to sponsors: Ernst and YoungWildeboer DellelceCommunitech,
and Velocity.

A Special thanks to the companies in attendance: A Thinking ApeUpverter,
AeroFSBufferBox,WilletKikEnflickSweet ToothAeryon LabsVidyard and more!


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  1. [...] The best way to know if a developer fits in your business is to meet a lot of them.  Kitchener-Waterloo is widely recognized as a community with a deep pool of technical talent, so you’re in the right place.  Every month there are iOS and Android developer MeetUps, or gatherings such as the Vidyard recruiting events. [...]

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