Push Video Engagement Data Directly Into Eloqua

Eloqua Integration for Vidyard

Take full advantage of your video viewing data by connecting it to your marketing automation platform. By pushing all video viewing history into your existing Eloqua contact records, you can segment, nurture, and score individual leads based on the videos they watch and follow up with even more personalized, targeted content.

"Vidyard gives users full visibility into that black box to identify who's watching, how long they're watching and specifically what parts they watch. That's a big reveal and a very powerful connection to help understand the buyer."

Steve Woods, Co-Founder and CTO - Eloqua

Vidyard for Eloqua

Connect video engagement data with marketing automation to see exactly how your videos influence the buyer journey.

With Vidyard for Eloqua, you can:

  • Score, segment and nurture individual leads based on their unique video viewing history
  • Easily add videos to emails and landing pages to see who has watched specific content, and for how long; then schedule immediate, automated follow up
  • Optimize your entire video library and identify the assets holding attention versus those that require changes
  • Drive lead generation by adding email gates, forms, or calls to action to video assets
  • Easily manage all of your videos, including YouTube assets, in one place



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