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Welcome to Vidyard Rooms. Open doors. Close more deals.

Bring sellers and buyer stakeholders together in a personalized digital sales room where they can collaborate, share resources, and seal the deal.

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Simplify the Buying Process

Centralize sales resources in one easy-to-access space.

  • Reduce noise and updates across multiple communication platforms
  • Eliminate duplicate conversations and demos
  • Enable buyers with self-serve information and content
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Digital sales room populated with videos and content
Make Deal Collaboration Easy

Add comments and tag deal members on important topics.

  • Keep everyone engaged through multi-threaded deals
  • Surface important information that requires attention
  • Provide a secure and transparent place to communicate
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Video with a person tagged in the comments
Nicole Kocemba
Chris Gonzalez
Stephanie Johnston
Uncover and Engage Stakeholders

Invite stakeholders and get notified when they engage.

  • Get notified when new stakeholders join the Room
  • Track buyer activities and perfectly time your follow-up
  • Provide added deal visibility to everyone involved
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Why you need a digital sales room.

Keep virtual personal.

By 2025, 80% of sales interactions between B2B suppliers and buyers will take place via online channels.

Gartner: Future of Sales 2025

Reduce deal complexity.

More than 1 in 5 reps say their biggest reason for losing deals is because the sales process takes too long.

HubSpot: 2023 Sales Trends Report

Include every stakeholder.

There are 22 distinct roles involved in the buying process, not counting varying levels of seniority.

Gartner: 2022 Buyer Behavior Report


What can I expect from the Vidyard Rooms Beta?
During the Vidyard Rooms Beta, you’ll get a chance to try out a product that our team is still building. You’ll be able to influence the development of the final product by providing feedback, spotting bugs, and flagging usability issues.
How can I provide feedback on Rooms while in Beta?
Email our team at with your suggestions for feature enhancements, or to let us know that you’ve run into a bug or an issue. We’re thrilled to receive feedback (even if it takes our busy team a little longer to reply).
How much does Vidyard Rooms cost?
While Vidyard Rooms is in Beta, there’s no cost to use it, and users on every Vidyard plan (including Free!) will have access. Once it launches as a full product, we’ll have paid plans too. You’ll still be able to use any Rooms you created during the Beta at no charge.
Is there a limit on the number of Rooms I can set up?
Currently, there’s no limit on how many Rooms you can create. Create as many as you want to discover their full value in your sales process!
How do I get started with Vidyard Rooms?
Log into your Vidyard account and look for the door icon on the navigation bar. (Don’t see the icon? Email For more detailed instructions on setting up and using Rooms, read our Knowledge Base article.

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