Are Your Videos Driving Business?

Get the data you need to create content that converts.

Watch the tour to see what an enterprise-level video marketing platform offers.

Attach Identity to Viewership

See exactly who’s watching what content, and for how long.

Deliver a Consistent Web Experience

Customize video players to match your branding

Quick fixes? No problem.

Any changes to videos are instantly reflected across all embed locations.

Make Informed Decisions

Review your video data for trends and shape an improved content strategy over time.

You Can’t Market to Unknown Viewers

It’s time to track metrics that matter.

Discover exactly who’s watching your content and measure the performance of your videos with powerful analytics.

Detailed data enables you to track:

  • Attention span and video viewing history for each individual lead
  • Unique click-through behaviour for each viewer
  • Where prospects share your videos
  • The geographic location of your viewers
  • Which individual video assets contribute to ROI

Integrate with Your MAP

All viewer data can be pushed into your marketing automation platform and existing contact records. Now send highly targeted content to your most engaged leads at exactly the right moment based on their video viewing history.

Viewing History in Your CRM

Gain insight into your prospects’ digital behavior and have more relevant sales conversations by pushing video data into Salesforce.com.

Generate Leads and Drive Action

Never let your videos fade to black!

Watch to see how to prompt conversion with calls to action and how to collect contact information with email gates or custom forms.

Lead Generation Made Easy

Use an email gate at the beginning of your video to collect contact info, or create a custom form to feature at the end.

Map Videos to Your Sales Cycle

Guide viewers through the buying cycle by creating a video journey with strategic CTAs. (i.e. “watch the next video”, “Download the white paper”).

Collect, Then Connect (to Your MAP & CRM)

All contact info you collect is pushed directly into your MAP and CRM systems’ existing contact records for better segmentation, scoring, and nurturing.

Prompt Action With a Pop-out!

Select a strategic moment for a pop-out call to action to emerge from a player.

Integrate Viewing Data with your MAP and CRM.

Information is important, but it’s all about what you do with data. Identify your hottest prospects, score your leads in your CRM, and automate targeted email campaigns by connecting video viewing data to your MAP and CRM systems.

Easily add Video to Landing Pages

Embedding video on a landing page has never been easier (and it can increase conversion by up to 80%). Bonus – all viewership data is pushed into your existing MAP contact records.

Gain Incredible Sales Context

With all video viewing history available in Salesforce.com, you can identify the interests of your most qualified prospects based on what they watch and how much content they consume.

Trigger Automated Email Nurturing

Use your MAP to compile lists of contacts who watch specific videos (or a select combo of videos), then trigger automated emails based on personalized interests.

Identify your most engaged prospects

Set up triggers to alert Sales when a viewer has watched a certain percentage of your video content. You can aim to follow up with everyone who watches more than 70% of your video.

Make Your Content Count

Don’t just create videos, optimize them for wider distribution and a compelling viewing experience.

Whether it’s a custom video library on your website, managing your YouTube presence from the Vidyard dashboard, or A/B split testing, we can help you optimize and share videos to accelerate ROI.

Split Test Your Splash Screens

Increase click-through rates by selecting a splash screen image that tests well with your audience. We’ll show you which image gets the most attention.

Manage Your YouTube Presence

Push videos from the Vidyard dashboard to YouTube or pull videos from YouTube to embed on your website or landing pages with our seamless integration.

Lots of Branded Videos? Create a Video Hub

Share your entire video library in a customized video hub on your website. Similar to your YouTube channel, but free from distractions. A video hub is perfect for brands that want to deliver a prominent and outstanding video experience on their site.

Share on Social Channels

Distribute videos to all social networks directly from your HootSuite Dashboard.

Every company's video strategy is different

Every video strategy is different

You might be experimenting with your first few videos, or you’re a seasoned pro. That’s why we provide solutions, not pre-set plans.

Whether you’ve got two videos, or two thousand, we can help find a custom, scalable solution for your organization. We want you to see real returns from your video marketing investment.


Pricing is based on the amount of video content you’re using on our platform. From there, add-ons are applied based on integrations, organizational requirements (i.e. administrative controls), and custom features.

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