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A Guide to Attributing Content Marketing Initiatives to Your Pipeline

3 minute read
Content Marketing Metrics

71% of marketers are increasing investment in content marketing,  however 85% of B2B marketers are failing to attribute their content marketing to business results. And the currently traveled path which relies on gut instinct and soft metrics, as opposed to strategically-aligned data, is getting tougher and tougher…

A 10 Minute Recipe for Establishing Brand Tone of Voice

2 minute read
Brand voice

Creating a consistent tone of voice across every single piece of marketing collateral produced by the vast writers of your marketing team can be tough. However, an inconsistent tone of voice is not only noticeable, but confusing to your content consumers. Video is no exception. Video is…

How to Build an Effective B2B Video Series

2 minute read
Video Series

Video series’ are a strategic way to add substance to your content calendar on an ongoing basis. They also – potentially more importantly – provide your audience a reason to keep coming back to your content. And lastly, video series’ help you to build a sense of…

Video Best Practices that Apply in Every Industry

4 minute read
Best Practices Video

In a day and age where most companies are using video as part of their marketing activities, it is crucial to approach each video strategically in order to make sure it resonates with your audience and drives the results you’re looking for. Every industry is different, so…

12 Neatly Wrapped Gifts of Video Marketing, Just for You.

0 minute read
12 Days of Video Marketing

Dear readers of the Vidyard blog: You have been diligently reading, absorbing, and putting into practice the video marketing tips and tricks we so lovingly send your way. … or maybe you just stopped by today, in which case, don’t you just have some perfect timing? Cheeky,…

How to Use Video Content to Drive and Support Other Content Marketing Activities

3 minute read
Content Marketing with Video

I’m a sucker for a good story—you know, the kind that transports you, for a moment, from reality into a world of make-believe. These stories usually involve relatable characters who discover important life or business lessons through a rigorous learning process. The best-written stories will spell out experiences…

Cetera Creates Award-Winning Nurture Program with a Combo of Marketing Tech

4 minute read
Best Lead Nurture Program

It’s safe to say that most marketers can identify with the challenges of delivering an aggressive quota of new marketing qualified leads (MQLs) each month. Some months it’s relatively easy to meet or even surpass your goals, but in other months you’re running on stale content, or…

4 Ways Marketing Automation + Video Integration = Smarter Marketing

4 minute read
Marketing Automation

We all know online video growth is hovering somewhere near the stratosphere. From sleepy kittens (adorable!) to product how-to’s, consumers are being entertained and informed by a massive global library of streaming cinematography every second of every day on every type of device. For marketers, it’s pure…

The Optimal Length for B2B Videos Throughout the Funnel

4 minute read
B2B Video length

When planning your B2B video content, there’s no shortage of variables to take into consideration. What topic should it cover? How long should it be? Where should you promote it? How long should it be? Is animated or live action better? For Pete’s sake … how long…

How to Use Video to Drive, Engage, and Qualify Leads

5 minute read
Lead Generation Video

Video is much more than just a content medium for delivering your message. As marketing technology begins to catch up with marketing creativity, video is quickly rising to the top of many marketers’ toolkits. More than 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any…