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The Nitty Gritty on Mapping Video Content to your Buyers’ Journey [Free Template!]

2 minute read
Video buyers' journey

We already know that our prospects are completing much of the buying process on their own. In fact, we’ve all been beaten over the head with the statistic that more than 65% of the buying process is completed independently of sales. And in reality…that stat has now…

Top 10 Ways to Make Your Video Thumbnail Tempting to Click

4 minute read
Video Thumbnail

One of the things that separates us from the rest of the monkeys posting videos online is our opposable thumbnails—wait, that’s not right. I mean, our outstanding thumbnails. Whether you’re posting in a video hub, on your landing page, in YouTube, or any other location, your video’s…

When to Use Video Throughout Your Marketing Funnel

6 minute read
When To Use Video

The marketing funnel gets a bad rap for being too simplistic. Too linear to reflect the real life cycle of your buyers. Of course, there’s some truth to these claims. Real-world customers follow a long and winding path to purchase. They most likely aren’t walking a straight…

Top 5 Music And Audio Mistakes Made In Videos

2 minute read
Video Audio

Music is one of the most powerful creators of emotional connection between you and your audience. While music has the power to draw in a viewer, a poorly thought-out music or audio choice also has the power to turn a viewer off of your company or message….

From Viewer to Customer: Attributing Deals to Video Views

4 minute read
video roi

One of the biggest hurdles we hear from companies looking to implement video is “How can we track ROI?” Sure – seeing the number of people who watched your video grow feels good, and knowing a handful of people clicked on your CTA definitely means it’s working,…

Free Forrester Report: Sales and Marketing Teams Must Use Video Platforms or Get Left Behind

2 minute read
Forrester Report

It’s official. Forrester, a top-tier research firm, has released a new report that’s an industry first: it looks at the emerging and transformative power of video platforms for Sales and Marketing. This is the report that, if you’re in Sales or Marketing, you don’t want  to miss….

Being Effective in Video Interviews: Be a Personality, not just a Person

1 minute read
Video interviews

Consumers are tired of your marketing gimmicks and this year your company needs to get real. Consumers are skeptics, eager to prove you wrong and point out a company’s hidden agenda. Now, more than ever, it’s imperative for brands and companies to engage consumers in a transparent…

Okay, But Really…How Do I Track ACTUAL Engagement?

2 minute read
Engagement Metrics

If you’re a marketer, all you want to do is find out who actually cares about all the brilliant marketing campaigns and content you’re producing. It’s HARD WORK, and it wouldn’t feel great wasting so many hours and daaaays and mooonths creating awesome landing pages and videos…

Beyond TOFU: How Video Can Beef Up the Entire Buyer’s Journey

4 minute read
Video and Buyer's Journey

Yes, it’s true! The often-misunderstood tofu is a great source of protein and contains all nine essential amino acids. It’s an excellent source of iron and calcium, and is the place where most of your potential customers will start their buying journeys and get their first taste…

We’re in Love with These 10 Valentine’s Day Video Campaigns

3 minute read
Valentine's Videos

This Valentine’s Day, spending reached an all-time high of $18.9 billion. Yah, we’ll pretend you didn’t just spew that coffee everywhere. That’s a lot of flowers, chocolate, jewellery, and apparel, I’d say! But consumers weren’t the only ones who were spending on this petal-filled holiday. Of course…