This Valentine’s Day, spending reached an all-time high of $18.9 billion. Yah, we’ll pretend you didn’t just spew that coffee everywhere. That’s a lot of flowers, chocolate, jewellery, and apparel, I’d say!

But consumers weren’t the only ones who were spending on this petal-filled holiday. Of course not, because where there’s consumer attention, there’s brand opportunity. And where there’s brand opportunity related to … well, love, what better way to hit the mark than with the most emotive medium, video?

Here are our favorite picks of the moving, loving, and innovative videos of Valentine’s 2015:

1. Mustang: Speed Dating

Blind dates, pranks, and bustin’ gender stereotypes. This video from Ford Mustang has it all.

2. Hallmark: Put your Heart to Paper

Hallmark is the quintessential Valentine’s brand, aside from maybe Tiffany’s. So this video series hit the nail on the head. There are multiple videos in this series, encouraging consumers to share their feelings with their significant other and “go beyond “I love you’s”, but these two lovebirds really showcase true love on Valentine’s and build emotional connection to the Hallmark brand.

They also encouraged consumers to continue the conversation beyond video and off of YouTube with the hashtag #PutYourHeartToPaper.

3. WestJet: Valentine’s Day Proposals

WestJet picked out two guys who were shopping for engagement rings and offered them a trip (through WestJet, no doubt) to Barbados to propose. That would have been fun enough. But in order to make the video more entertaining for viewers at home, they added in a reality TV angle: WestJet decided when the men had to propose, and didn’t really give them any warning.

It’s no Christmas Miracle video. But hey, you can’t hit a home run every time!

4. Heart Transplant UK: Give Your Heart

Is much explanation required here? We don’t think so. … We’ll just let that one sit with you.

5. Tesco: Bumping into your Ex in Tesco

Tesco, a UK grocery store, decided to take a different route from the many heart-filled campaigns this year with their Vine campaign and a humorous take on seeing your ex around Valentine’s day.

6. Samsung: Cupid’s Got my Uncle

Samsung’s Note series, a collection of family stories narrated by a young boy, has been ongoing for a few months. Here, we get to see the luck change for this kid’s ‘loser’ Uncle … after casually browsing through all the features of the latest S Note, of course.

Screenshot 2015-02-13 15.58.52.png

7. Ikea: Emoticons

Why just create a video when you can create an app? That must’ve been what Ikea was thinking when they built “Ikea Emoticons”, an app that claims to help improve communication in relationships through emoticons. … And they launched it just in time for Valentine’s with this video.

It’s pretty cheeky, which is why it works. And hey, Ikea’s frequently all about being a little cheeky (remember their “book book” campaign?). Check out their sneaky print ad, too.

8. Lattice Engines: Show your Leads some Love

Screenshot 2015-02-13 16.18.40.png

One of our favorite B2B marketing videos from Valentine’s Day was from Lattice Engines. Packaged together nicely with a personalized email campaign, this video shows that B2B’s can get involved in the fun of Valentine’s with a clever play on “scoring” for Valentine’s day and “scoring” your leads.

Alicia Thomas, Multimedia Producer at Lattice Engines described the process of creating this off-the-cuff video:

“There’s a big misconception that B2B marketing has to be boring and can’t take risks.

At Lattice, we love using holidays as an excuse to do something fun and make people smile. When you’re marketing a product that scores leads and accounts for B2B businesses, you can get away with being a little cheeky with your content on Valentine’s Day. Our goal with this video was to illustrate the wooing process marketing and salespeople have to go through every day to try to convert their leads into customers. It’s a lot like trying to impress that guy or girl you have a crush on into dating you, which gave us a solid way to connect back to Valentine’s Day.”

9. McDonald’s: Pay with Lovin’

McDonald’s actually started this Valentine’s video campaign during the Super Bowl. We love how they tied in the two events and built a bigger, broader campaign.

10. Starbucks: Meet me at Starbucks

Starbucks’ created a pretty phenomenal video and concept to begin with, but they went a few steps beyond a simple YouTube upload. First, they created this graphical representation of the video:

Screenshot 2015-02-13 11.21.18.png

Each little deviation is a new story in Starbucks’ short film.

Starbucks also broke up their footage into many smaller films. But they didn’t just upload them to YouTube and call it a day. They created their own campaign page in YouTube and built a more engaging page that shifts layouts once in a while and plays each video without sound in its own thumbnail.

Screenshot 2015-02-13 11.20.42.png

That was certainly a little bit of an emotional whirlwind, wasn’t it? Which is exactly why we selected these examples as trailblazers. That and these brands show us that video marketing can extend far beyond dumping a clip on YouTube.

What videos captured you this weekend?

Kimbe MacMaster