For a growing number of modern marketers, the road to revenue is paved with video marketing. In fact, more than 100 brands are now using Vidyard’s integration with Oracle Eloqua to connect with more buyers and turn viewers into customers. Companies like Lenovo, MongoDB, LinkedIn, GroupOn, Adaptive Insights and Cengage Learning are using video content to build more meaningful customer relationships, and video analytics to better understand their audiences. And they’re doing it in a way that’s tightly integrated with the marketing automation platform that powers their programs and insights.

To celebrate this milestone, we took a step back to look at how these brands are using video to grow their business, and we’ve distilled all that awesomeness down into three key takeaways that we uncovered:

1. From Inspiration to Education: Choose Your Content Wisely

I couldn’t agree more with Michael Ballard, senior manager of digital marketing at Lenovo, when he shared the following comment in the video above:

“We can use video to make people laugh, to make them cry, right down to the product specs and the speeds and feeds. It’s an extremely flexible platform.”

Did you expect to hear a B2B marketing leader at Lenovo, the world’s largest PC manufacturer, talk about making people laugh and cry? The best marketers appreciate the need to appeal to buyers on a more human level throughout their entire path to purchase. From making the right first impression, to establishing an emotional connection to your brand, to educating and convincing your buyers, video offers a powerful way to connect and convert — but it takes much more than just an explainer video and a few top-of-funnel campaigns to make it work. These marketers are all building strategic video content libraries that help them connect with audiences in a variety of ways (with a variety of emotions!) throughout the buying journey.

MongoDB is another great example of a modern B2B marketing team using video throughout the funnel to generate serious demand. With more than 1,000 assets that generate over 2 million viewing minutes per year, video has become one of their highest opportunity influencers. But it isn’t by luck — they’ve taken a strategic approach to mapping out their video content strategy and aligning it to the buying journey of each key target persona. Learn more about their video marketing journey in their recent post on the OMC blog.

2. Use Creative and Personalized Video to Boost Conversions

Oracle Eloqua provides some amazing tools to help marketers personalize the content journey for each prospect. But that doesn’t let you off the hook of having to create amazing content in the first place that people actually want to consume. Video has emerged as premium currency in the attention economy, and it’s helping these brands boost conversion rates on everything from social media and email marketing to content campaigns and account-based marketing. While speaking with Brian Maschler, Chief Creative Officer at Bulldog Solutions, a leading full-service marketing agency for B2B brands, he noted:

“Video is the best way to connect with B2B buyers on a more emotional level and to re-engage dormant audiences. While email click-through rates are on the decline, we continue to track higher engagement on video campaigns and are seeing a multiplier effect with personalized video.”

While video can help you cut through the noise and get more attention, companies like Bulldog Solutions and Lenovo have found that personalized video can take it one step further. Both have used Vidyard and Oracle Eloqua to deliver personalized video campaigns that bring each viewer’s own name and other unique details right into the story. These campaigns have helped increase click-through and conversion rates by more than 300% resulting in significant impact to their demand generation efforts.

3. There’s no Crystal Ball…But There IS Video Engagement Data

Making the shift from the art to the science, these brands are now using video analytics in some pretty amazing ways to help them optimize their content, better understand their audiences and convert leads faster. Using video content analytics, they’re going beyond the view count to understand which videos are resonating with their audiences and which ones are falling flat. These types of insights help their creative and demand teams optimize their investments for engagement and conversion, rather than clicks and shares.

But even more impactful is how these brands are using viewer engagement data within Oracle Eloqua to identify their most engaged prospects, optimize their nurture streams and increase funnel velocity. As Michael Ballard of Lenovo noted:

“Video is the only asset where I have full visibility into how my audience consumes it. I can look at not only who it was, but how much did they watch and where did they drop-off, and I can tie that into my lead scoring… I can’t do that with any other content type.”

We’re thrilled to see so many marketers unlocking the potential of modern video marketing, and we know this is only the beginning. If you’d like to learn more about using video content and analytics with Oracle Eloqua, check out the Modern Marketer’s Guide to Getting the Most Out of Video. Lights, camera, action!

Tyler Lessard