You’ve printed your name tags, triple checked your conference bookings, and finally got all your slide decks in order. You’re ready to kick off the most memorable event of the year, right?

Totally! But the big question is, will your event live on beyond this week? Video is like a time machine for your event content—if you set up your event video strategy from the start, attendees can rewind and re-live the amazing experience from your event whenever they want. And future attendees can see what all the hype was about and plan their trip to next year’s event accordingly.

Here’s why recording your event content is win-win for today and tomorrow:

Live Streaming and Episodic Content

Live streaming your event content is nothing new. Dreamforce has been streaming keynotes and major sessions for years and they report five-figure viewer numbers in addition to those in the audience watching live. The recorded videos also make for great episodic content to be released leading up to your next event.

Salesforce used footage from Dreamforce 2014 in the lead up to last year’s event, posting a weekly “Road to Dreamforce” update for three months before the big 2015 event. You can check them out here.

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These videos included everything from what to expect at your first Dreamforce (featuring testimonials from first-time attendees at the 2014 event) to navigating the various keynote talks and finding the right content for you (featuring footage from 2014 keynotes and panel discussions). All of this helped build excitement for return attendees, but also presented Dreamforce 2015 to new attendees in an engaging, visually appealing way.

Live streaming your event content is an absolute must if you’re looking to increase the eyes on your keynotes and product presentations, but don’t forget to press record on that live steam. Using your existing event videos as episodic content leading up to your next event is a great way to drive more value from your past events, and build up the hype for your next one in equal measure.

Creating An Awesome Event Video Experience

If someone wants to watch your keynote video a week after your event, and they head over to your event site, will they find it? If they go to YouTube, they may find what they’re looking for, or they may find a grainy camera-phone version from someone in the audience. Not a great experience.

Video hubs aren’t just for showcasing your product content, they’re a great way to aggregate your event videos so that attendees (and future attendees) can easily find the sessions they want to re-watch, and share it with their colleagues. In addition to driving great pre-event video, Salesforce does an excellent job hosting their Dreamforce content on a hub, indexed by highlights, innovation keynotes and product keynotes. Check it out here.

We took a page out of Salesforce’s book for our own event, Space Camp, and set up a branded hub featuring all of the keynotes and session videos in an easily accessible format that can be shared with anyone. Take a look here.

Space Camp Video HubWhen someone wants to re-live the Space Camp goodness, or see what next year’s event is going to be like, they can catch all of the important sessions and keynotes easily without having to turn to YouTube. The big lesson here? Don’t make interested viewers hunt for your content. If you’ve recorded all of your sessions, give your viewers an easy way to consume this content, and find more videos like it. You may help someone who’s interested in your product find the right info they need to move forward, and you may help someone interested in your next event justify the ticket price!

Using Today’s Content to Woo Tomorrow’s Attendee

Many events make use of pre-event video. We’ve talked about it more than once, and the results are astounding (especially when you personalize the video). But if you’ve already recorded a wealth of sessions from your last event, don’t reinvent the wheel.

Right after their 2015 event, Oracle quickly assembled the best talking points from James Franco, Jay Baer, Charlene Li, and other keynote speakers into a fantastic wrap-up video and trailer for their 2016 event:

If you were curious as to whether or not this event is relevant to your interests, this video gives you a quick and easy overview of what to expect from the keynotes, and the overall event atmosphere.

For follow-up content, it’s important to get this out as soon as you can so you stay top of mind with your attendees, but just like the Salesforce example from earlier, it’s never a bad idea to use your existing content to get future attendees on board. Recording all of your sessions gives you access to those perfect one-liners that define the entire atmosphere of your event, so it’s worth pressing record whenever you can!

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