If you’re looking to jump start your video marketing strategy, chances are you’ve wondered, “what kind of video should we plan for next?”.

Planning your strategic content in advance is incredibly important as you want each video asset to contribute toward business goals in some way.

If your video content marketing is intended to drive real business and influence purchasing decisions, each asset should align with your prospects needs and guide them toward an eventual conversion.

Here are four videos you can add to your video strategy based on which part of the funnel they address:

1. Fun, high-level videos promoting your existing content

Great for: Brand awareness, increasing traffic to your blog or asset-specific landing pages, and lead generation

Top of funnel contentMost companies already have text-based content marketing assets to promote, and one of the best ways to make the most of these pieces is with a fun video designed to promote more downloads. When brainstorming new content pieces, consider the bigger story you can wrap these up in, and the top-of-funnel video you could use as the asset’s promo or commercial, so to speak.

As an example, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (a notable video trailblazer) promotes a heavily-researched SlideShare of ‘100 email subject line examples’ with it’s own high-level video teaser. Using video as a short teaser for another piece of content is a great way to make sure your assets get the attention they deserve over time, and – as a bonus – both the video and SlideShare pieces are evergreen. You can keep promoting them to bring in top-of-funnel leads over time.

2. Situational overviews (or the “what’s in it for me” videos)

Perfect for: The discovery phase, a campaign for generating interest in your niche market, lead generation, and nurturing emails.

mid-funnel contentSimilar to your explainer, you can create overview videos for each vertical, or product line you offer. With a situational overview, you’re not looking to make a hard sell or pitch in the video, you’re outlining the problem you know your customers have. This video answers the question “what’s in it for me” from the perspective of your buyer.

Here’s a phenomenal example from Lattice Engines:

This video is so awesome because it showcases Lattice’s expertise in predictive lead scoring and assures their potential buyers searching for solutions that they fully understand their needs, especially when it comes to marketing and sales alignment.

Whether you’re launching a new product line, or solution set, a situational overview is a great video to send in a follow up conversation to a hot lead, or in an introductory email to get a conversation about your brand started. It’s designed to get your B2B buyer thinking about the types of problems you solve, and it showcases your know-how on industry-specific issues.

Alicia Thomas, Multimedia Producer explains content that works

3. Helpful, Educational Snippets

Good for: Easing people from the discovery phase into the real meat of what you deliver with education, showcasing your helpful employees, discussing industry issues, and fuelling your nurturing campaigns.

B2B buyers often start their search with Google, so your video content should be created with SEO in mind. One of the best ways to stand out in search is to create videos around the questions your target audience is asking (and thereby typing into that search query box!).

Mid-funnel contentThe content marketers over at Kapost do a terrific job with helpful how-to video snippets. In short, informative blurbs that answer questions related to their specialty. By becoming the experts who can answer the question clearly in just under a minute, they become the folks people want to do business with. Just check out this quick tips video about hiring content marketers:

Their videos include great calls to action where they prompt the download of another piece of content at the end. You too can create this type of quick hit video to answer important customer questions in your industry and then use the end of the video to prompt the download of a piece of informative, mid-funnel content. It’s all about providing your viewers with the appropriate information they’re searching for, then leading them to the next step.

Jacob Collins from Kapost explains strategic video production

4. Customer Testimonials

Great for: The justification and evaluation stage of the funnel when buyers are considering whether you solve their specific pain points, demonstrating your ability to integrate with other useful tools, lead generation (with an email gate before this mid-to-end of funnel content), and email nurture campaigns.

end-of-funnel videosArguably one of the most important video types in your collection, a great customer testimonial is what most B2B buyers are searching for once on your site. It’s the stamp of approval from other businesses and filming a great one is the perfect way to showcase how your solution fits into multiple industries, how it solves common customer problems, and how you go above and beyond (even post sale) to deliver customer success.

When developing a testimonial video, never underestimate the power of B-roll, always ask leading questions versus the typical Q&A) and always find a way to position your customer a total hero.

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Jennifer Pepper