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January 11, 2016

4 Reasons Why We Are Building an In-house Video Production Room

At EverString, we are all about using data to understand our customers. It’s a natural part of being a predictive marketing platform—using data to determine what our best customer looks like, so that we can go out and market to customers that look like them. But we still have to market to these potential customers, and we think video is an excellent way to do that.

In fact, we are in the process of building a video room in our offices in order to spend the resources and time needed to build out our video library. Video is the medium that really makes our most valuable leads tick. Here are four reasons why we’ve chosen to invest in a video.

1. Creating the Ideal Content Journey

As marketers, we create valuable and engaging content to generate more leads, increase conversions, and build relationships. We’re always looking to create content that appeals to our best-fit accounts. At EverString we emphasize Account-Based Marketing, and scoring accounts before scoring leads, because who wants to sell into the perfect lead at the wrong company?

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2. Using Video Signals in Nurture

If our CRM, marketing automation tool, and video marketing platform are all in sync tracking what prospects are watching, we have so much data on how to follow up—which is why our sales team has also been pushing for this.

I’ll paint the picture for you: let’s say a lead watched our video on predictive demand generation. Now one of our sales reps can follow up with a video message about other content related to predictive demand generation. In an age where there is so much noise on every channel, looking at video data provides a unique way to be especially relevant with our prospects.

3. Creating Videos on the Fly for Social

With a video room, we can create videos quickly and upload them to our social channels. It could just be one of our coworkers getting excited about a tradeshow coming up, maybe it will be pro-tips and tricks, or even a more thought-out series of videos. Soon, without much planning, it will be possible to get moments like that on video and distribute it quickly.

4. Getting the Full Picture with Video Scoring

We love our marketing automation lead scoring and our predictive scoring. Our marketing automation platform measures engagement across our website. It tells us who downloaded what when, and how much of our content they’re looking at. Our predictive platform provides predictive scoring that gives us a bigger picture of how to understand our leads outside of our brand. For example, predictive scoring measures intent data (showing you if/when someone is browsing a competitor site or searching terms relevant to your product) and fit data which shows you firmographic data (company size, industry, geography), tech stack data, and personal level data about title, skills, etc. This kind of scoring can help us target the right folks so our sales reps can strike while the iron’s hot. Now, with video scoring, we’ll have another layer of understanding about what our accounts are into and when to reach out.

Essentially: lead scoring + predictive scoring + video scoring = magic (more MQLs, revenue, efficiency).

Rachel Lefkowitz

Rachel is a Content Marketing Manager at EverString where she manages content creation and distribution. Prior to EverString she worked on project management, content creation, and distribution at multiple startups in the bay area.

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