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July 18, 2017

50 Ways to Use Video Messaging to Make Business Personal Again

The rise of video as the king of content has been quite the sight to behold. Now accounting for 73% of all Internet traffic and more than 25 billion daily views on Facebook, SnapChat and YouTube alone, the pace at which we’re devouring video is staggering. And in the wake of its rise to stardom in our personal lives comes a fascinating shift in how video is impacting the way we communicate as businesses and professionals.

As a marketer myself, I’ve seen first-hand how powerful video can be for engaging audiences. It connects on a more human level, delivers information in a way that we process faster and retain longer, and enables us to tell better stories while infusing emotion into our message. Simply put, video is the next best thing to being there in person. So it should come as no surprise that its use in business is quickly growing beyond its traditional roots in marketing and training.

Thanks to advancements in various key technologies, we’re now seeing the rise of personalized and interactive video, social video, public and private live streams, secure internal video sharing and real-time video conferencing. We’re also seeing the rise of personal video messaging – a simple way for anyone to capture and share short video messages that are more impactful than text-based emails, but don’t require a live two-way conversation like phone calls or video conferences. In some ways, it’s the best of both worlds.

Today we shared that the Vidyard Chrome extension, a simple app for personal video messaging in business, has surpassed 100,000 users in more than 100 countries using it for a highly diverse set of use-cases. 

Whether it’s for onboarding new employees, sharing the latest executive message, or connecting with customers in a more personal way, the adoption of video messaging is growing exponentially as the tools to enable it become more accessible – and free – and as more Video Natives enter the workforce. Originally built to help sales professionals stand out and connect with more customers, the Vidyard community has found countless new ways to communicate with video messaging. So today we’re sharing 50 ways to use personal video messages inspired by feedback from our community! If you’d like to start trying these ideas yourself, just download the free Vidyard Chrome extension in your Google Chrome browser and get started today!

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50 Ways to Use Personal Video Messages for Business

Employee Collaboration

  1. The TL;DR email shortener: Cut down on those emails by recording a short video that clearly explains your message.
  2. Make the complex simple: Don’t write a long essay, use a simple video message to explain a complicated idea to fellow employees or team members.
  3. The meeting recap: Quickly recap meetings and collaborative brainstorms to share key takeaways with others and help with idea retention.
  4. Tribal knowledge sharing: Capture new lessons learned and best practices in a simple format that others can learn from and better remember.

Marketing Teams

  1. Product marketing: Record custom videos to educate your customer-facing teams on new product, positioning and pricing updates.
  2. Competitive intelligence: Keep your team up to date on new competitive intel with videos that clearly explain updates and how they compare to your own offerings.
  3. Marketing communications: Using video messages to update teams on announcements and external comms to ensure they have all the key context.
  4. Creative design: Use short videos to solicit or provide feedback on product design, website design, and other creative assets.
  5. Content marketing: Before you launch a new content asset, record a video to educate your internal teams on why it’s so amazing and how they can help to promote.
  6. Video blogging: Spice up your blog posts and improve SEO by recording and embedding custom videos to complement your text-based posts.
  7. Digital marketing: Use screen capture videos to share website updates with internal teams in a way that enables you to explain both the what and the why.
  8. Event marketing: Use the power of personal video to improve outreach to potential partners, sponsors, speakers, and attendees for your upcoming events.

Press and Analyst Relations

  1. Pitching stories to reporters: Stand out with reporters by pitching new story ideas in a way that introduces yourself and creates a more personal connection.
  2. Spicing up your awards submission: Record a short video to share, in your own words, why you should win and include the link in the ‘additional information’ section.
  3. The analyst briefing recap: Record a short summary video following analyst briefings to summarize your key points and encourage them to share with other analysts.

Sales Professionals

  1. A warmer cold outreach: Use webcam or screen capture videos as a better way to reach out to cold prospects and to explain exactly how you can help their business.
  2. Customized product walkthroughs: Don’t be shy! Press record and capture a short product demo to get your prospects eager to hop on a live phone call.
  3. Pre-meeting connect: Reduce meeting cancellation rates by sending a video message before your meeting to verify the details and build a more human connection.
  4. Post-meeting recap: Following a customer phone call or meeting, record a short video to summarize key points and next steps that they can easily forward to other colleagues.
  5. Sales proposal walkthrough: Ensure all the final decision makers understand your value by recording a short video walkthrough of your sales quote or proposal.
  6. Up your email signature game: Record a short video to introduce yourself and your role, and add it to your email signature with a hyperlinked thumbnail image.
  7. Sales tool training and FAQs: Help your sales reps better understand how to use sales tools with custom walkthrough videos for common processes.
  8. Sales coaching: When coaching sales reps on new tips or ideas, record a quick video to show them exactly what you’re talking about and how to walk the talk.

Customer Experience Teams

  1. Welcoming new customers: Put a face to your name by welcoming new customers with a personal video message from their account manager, support rep, or your execs.
  2. A better customer onboarding experience: Onboard new customers with personalized tutorials and walkthroughs that show exactly how they can use your solution.
  3. Custom demos for new features: Quickly record a screen capture video to summarize new product features and how they can help a specific client.
  4. Faster, better customer support: Stop sending text-based instructions and screen captures, start using video to show exactly how to solve an issue.
  5. Ongoing customer communications: Update your customers on company news and product updates with video messages that stand out and get noticed.
  6. Congratulate your customer: Share a video to celebrate a customer’s special moment or milestone.

Product Development Teams

  1. Project management: Share video messages to clearly summarize project plans and to keep teammates aligned on key deliverables.
  2. Design and UX reviews: Use custom screen capture videos to solicit or provide feedback on user experience design updates.
  3. Product feedback solicitation: Encourage other teams and customers to provide product feedback via custom videos that clearly show, and explain, their perspective.
  4. Quality assurance: Record short videos when submitting a bug report to show exactly how to reproduce an issue and what results you are seeing.

IT and Help Desk Teams

  1. Here, let me show you: Show employees exactly how to resolve common issues with a custom screen recording that leaves no room for misinterpretation.
  2. Application training and FAQs: Help employees learn how to use different applications and tools on their own time with custom, on-demand walk-through videos.

HR and Talent Development

  1. A better hiring experience: Use custom video messages to connect with prospective hires before and after the interview process to add that personal touch.
  2. Welcoming new hires aboard: Make new employees feel like a part of the team by having teammates and execs welcome them with personal video messages.
  3. Employee onboarding and FAQs: Compile a sample process for hiring managers, or a library of short, on-demand videos that address key onboarding topics for new employees and common FAQs.
  4. HR how-to videos for employees: Use custom videos to show employees how to update their benefits, navigate the org chart or use other HR-related applications.

Finance, Legal and Business Ops

  1. Budget report reviews: Cut down on time spent in fact-to-face meetings by using video messages to recap and clearly explain budget reports.
  2. How-to videos for employees: Use screen capture videos to show employees precisely how to submit expenses or invoices to save everyone valuable time.
  3. Contract reviews: When reviewing a contract internally or with third parties, try a custom video to talk through any questions or feedback to ensure your concerns are clear.

Employee and Executive Communications

  1. Team updates and communications: Make your team updates more personal and engaging with personal videos that recap performance and team priorities.
  2. Monthly or quarterly business updates: Deliver your company performance updates in a more engaging and memorable way than the same old emails and slides.
  3. On-demand Town Halls: Hit record and capture your Town Hall meetings, company stand-ups, and other important meetings to share with remote employees.

Industry-Specific Use-Cases

  1. Education: Use short video messages to clearly explain new assignments and equip students to capture presentations that can be watched easily on-demand.
  2. Real Estate agents: Easily record and share quick video tours to help your clients learn more about properties before making the trip onsite.
  3. Insurance agents: Send personal video invitations to key prospective clients to drive them to join information sessions or follow-up on next steps.
  4. Legal and Professional Services: Improve communications with key clients by sharing video messages to explain complex topics and share new ideas.
  5. Construction and Property Management: Record short videos to share updates on project status or to highlight potential issues or concerns.

If you’ve started to use personal video messaging yourself, please add a short comment below to share how you’re using it today and any tips you have for other potential users. We’d love to see this list grow to 100 ways!

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Tyler Lessard

Tyler Lessard

Tyler Lessard is the VP of Marketing at Vidyard. Driving corporate marketing and business development, he's passionate about helping companies better use and measure the performance of their video marketing assets.

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