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September 26, 2014

Account-Based Marketing: The Key to B2B Success

Typically when we think about lead gen, it’s about generating as much quantity as possible. However, no matter how well us marketers do, it seems like sales is never satisfied.

This isn’t because they’re mean, difficult, or out to wreck your day, it’s because they’re looking to sell into specific accounts and types of companies while you’re handing them leads from a much broader group of individual contacts. You can resolve that problem and significantly improve your marketing results by doing something called account-based marketing.

Start From The Top of the Funnel

Start at the top of the funnelThe first step to fixing the problem here is to connect with the sales and align on the most valuable accounts for your company. Based on that conversation, you build a mutually agreed upon target account list. Then, divide your target account list into segments and create content and campaigns that target each of those segments. Already, the leads you collect will be pre-qualified based on the messages you’re delivering and the methods you use to communicate.

Lead Nurturing

Once a lead has entered your pipeline, you want to deliver a nurture campaign that resonates with your prospective buyers. The segments you created during the lead gen phase are even more important during the nurturing phase. At this point, it’s critical to engage accounts using content that are meaningful and relevant. Based on the account’s stage of the buying cycle, you can deliver messages that are appropriate for that particularly company and help to move it through the pipe.

Putting It into Practice

We’re excited to come to Vidyard Ignite next Wednesday and share some best practices for implementing account-based marketing in all aspects of your marketing.

In, “Catching the Big Fish with Account-Based Marketing and Content Personalization,” Avanish Sahai, our Chief Product Officer will discuss how B2B marketers can effectively reach their most important targets by integrating account-based marketing principles into their content strategy. Avanish will share core principles of account-based marketing and describe how it can (and should) drive personalized content creation. He’ll discuss best practices for on and offsite personalization and provide examples of companies who have driven growth with account-based marketing.

Account-Based Marketing: The key to success eBookWe’ll also be hosting a roundtable discussion on how why account-based marketing is the future of demand gen. We hope to see you there, but if you’re so excited about account-based marketing that you can’t wait until next week, feel free to download our eBook on why account-based marketing is the key to B2B success.

Rachel Balik

Rachel Balik

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