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February 28, 2018

Adding Video to Your Sales Cadence: What, Why and How?

As buyers become more sophisticated and well-researched, maintaining trust throughout your sales cycle is more important than ever. Spammy tactics and spray-and-pray messaging evaporates trust and kills your credibility as a salesperson, and it is nearly impossible to recover from that first impression. Leveraging video in your sales cadence is a game-changing way to build trust, establish authenticity, and strengthen relationships with your buyers.

In the video below John Barrows & Morgan Ingram from JBarrows Sales Training cover best practices for how to use video in your sales cadence to optimize results, and strengthen relationships with prospects.

*You can view the slidedeck here.

Why Add Video To Your Sales Cadence

The bottom line here is this: modern buyers have higher expectations of the customer experience–they want salespeople to focus on adding value and being helpful, not trying to force a deal.

Video is transforming many organizations sales processes and their results, like Terminus who saw great numbers after implementing video into their sales cycle:

  • 40% increase in email open rates
  • 37% increase in click rates
  • 216% higher response rates

Types of Video To Use Throughout The Sales Cycle

Customers are inundated with stuff coming at them a mile a minute. Personal video outreach is your silver bullet. It’s that compelling call-to-action that everyone’s talking about and it’s got a personalized message behind it that a customer can’t wait to hear.

As you move through the sales cycle, you can continue to use video at every step of the process. Think about sending a video before a call to outline the agenda. Then after the call, create a summary video addressing any follow-up questions or deliverables.

  1. Presentations and demos – Crucially important and making sure you’re conveying the right message to the right people in the organization is pivotal to moving the deal forward. Why not create a video with the right message that can be shared throughout the org to avoid that game of telephone?
  2. Custom screen captures Make sure that you’re sharing the relevant information that a customer wants to see while still remaining a part of that shot.
  3. Off-the-shelf marketing videos Chances are your marketing team is creating all kinds of great content that you can leverage throughout the sales cycle.
  4. Custom sourced videos Questions and concerns often come up throughout the sales process. Being able to source internal subject matter experts to create quick videos to address challenges quickly and in a way that a customer can really understand can make all the difference.

3 Tips for using video in your sales cycle

It has to be easy – There are so many sales tools out there that you can purchase, but if it’s not easy for people to use, it’ll ultimately fall by the wayside. The good news is tools like the Vidyard Chrome extension are so simple to use that many people actually prefer it to writing an email.

Be authentic If you were in front of a customer, you’d be yourself. Strive for the same on video. Don’t be scripted. You’re a sales professional for a reason. You’ve got a great personality and video is just giving you the medium to showcase it.

Create shared video libraries – Create playlists of related content for your customers to engage with. Leverage existing marketing videos that are at your disposal–customer testimonials, product, and solution demos.

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Hannah Cameron

Hannah Cameron

Hannah is the Content Marketing Manager at Vidyard. When she isn’t planning killer content or shooting fun videos, you’ll find her playing video games, binging true crime podcasts, or planning her next road trip!

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