Black Friday. Two words you probably don’t want to hear again. With all the hype, deals, discounts, waiting in lines, coupons, flyers, waiting in lines, emails, social ads, waiting in lines again, and the hard push you received in those lines … you’ve seen it all. And Black Friday’s just beginning.

As B2B marketers, we often tend to just steer clear of this B2C-centric holiday. I mean, understandably so: B2C companies have got that covered! Instead, you might make a warm pot of soup, wrap yourself in a fuzzy blanket, and settle in for a long winter’s nap, waiting for it to all blow over.

But hold up a sec, you full, sleepy marketer. There are a lot of things B2B marketers can learn from this crazy time of year. So give this SlideShare a peek before you doze off.

Kimbe MacMaster