Did you ever dream of being the next Mario Lemieux or Wayne Gretzky?

At the time, your dreams were filled with fresh ice, slick pucks, and crisp shots. There just wasn’t any other option. It was sports star or nothin’!

Maybe it was another sport, or maybe you weren’t into sports at all, but stick with me! Once you got the bug, you practiced for hours upon hours in your basement. For hockey, it was the wrist shot. You surfaced only when your mother finally lost her cool when the puck hit the basement window for the 53rd time. Or maybe when you just, simply couldn’t feel your hands anymore.

Yeah, that’s the mark of true passion and hard work (and sure, maybe just a pinch of childhood naivety).

But then your parents decided after so much practice, and you just not shutting up about hockey, that maybe you could dedicate yourself to the sport after all. But if you wanted to get anywhere with it, you needed a coach who knew how the heck to get your shot within 6 feet of the net.

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There comes a time when we learn that the speed at which we can learn from an expert is phenomenally faster than we could ever learn on our own. The experts have already experimented and tried everything you’re going to – so why not take the short cut? It’ll save you endless hours practicing in your dark, dingy basement … struggling and alone.

Okay that got weird.

The moral of the story is this: when you want to get better at something, it pays to visit the experts.

That’s why these video marketing leaders are here … for you! We know that more and more marketers are bringing production in-house. So 15 video experts dished their best advice on B2B video production so you could nail that in-house shoot. From maximizing creative idea generation to best practices in lighting, audio, and set location – this short guide, “15 Experts Spill Their Greatest B2B Production Advice”, will definitely give you the home-ice advantage.

B2B Video Production Tips

Kimbe MacMaster