You’ve called them, you’ve emailed, you’ve sent them a message on LinkedIn—and still there’s been no response. As salespeople, we’ve all been there. But now, using the power of video, we’re able to get our prospects to turn their heads. We’re not just reaching out with any old videos, either, but we’re making and sending videos tailored just for the person on the receiving end.

Why does it work?

People love feeling special.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying that every single video I send gets viewed. If that were the case, I’d be out of a job because everyone in sales would be using video for outreach already.

How to improve your sales outreach and build relationships with video

One of my colleagues sent her prospect a congratulatory video message when she saw on LinkedIn that the prospect and her team had just won a prestigious award. There was no ask in the video, just some gentle nurturing outreach. As a result, she responded positively and took a call.

After emailing a prospect about an event in Atlanta, another co-worker sent over a casual email to gauge his interest in doing more with his videos. Although the prospect wasn’t located where the event was, he mentioned that he would be interested in attending an event near their HQ in Tampa. He did a soft ask for a call, and it turned into an opportunity. Check it out:

Both of my colleagues have proven that video is suitable to use all over the deal cycle, from start to finish and beyond. Even if that first touch doesn’t gain any traction, keep going. If you notice something about your prospect that you think is worth talking to them about, reach out. Congratulate them on their funding, awards, wish them a happy birthday, or wish them a great vacation. We even did a 4th of July video for our prospects this year and got some great responses.

Have any thoughts or suggestions of other ways you can use video to build relationships? Comment below.

Khadijah Plummer