When we asked Jay Baer, New York Times Best-selling Author of Youtility and President of Convince & Convert, what the top Content Marketing trend of 2015 was, he said EGC or employee generated content. But not just EGC; EGC on video.

Find out why he thinks this will become a focus for marketers in this short clip from Oracle’s MME:

Why Employee-Generated Content?

There’s a lot of knowledge stored in the minds of those sitting at the desks around you. Not only do they provide a different perspective than your regularly-scheduled writing team, but they know your product, your brand, and your customers like no other.

Get your technical team to share in-depth how-tos on your product or ask your sales team to save and discuss their favourite use case. Your employees are a prime choice for as content contributors because:

  • No one understands your brand and message better
  • You know they’re smart – you work with them!
  • They have direct conversations with customers and know what questions they want answered

Why Video?

As Jay Baer explains, not everyone was born to be a writer. And hey, not everyone wants to write. But most people at your organization can probably teach you a lot in a simple conversation. So why not record these conversations? This makes it easier on employees, which means you’ll be more likely to get buy in and it also offers a more engaging way for your audience to consume this knowledge. That’s a win-win, no?

How to Add Video-based EGC to your Content Calendar

  1. Set a realistic goal: once per month is probably a good starting point. Once you get the hang of who’s good for what type of content, you can start to ramp up your amount and frequency of EGC.
  2. Identify and note the areas of expertise on your team, including your own. Who is great at explaining the technical aspects of your product? Who has direct customer insights that can answer real audience questions? Who can talk to the upcoming trends in your industry?
  3. Align these areas of expertise with your content pillars – a.k.a. the key stories you want to tell – and you’ll have a great starting point for building a well-balanced employee-generated content plan. To give you an example, Vidyard’s might look like this:

Employee generated content with video

Are you producing employee-generated videos? Share your experience with us in the comments.

Kimbe MacMaster