We’ve all been there: asking Santa for something you’d absolutely die for.

On Christmas morning, you rush down the stairs, tear open your presents and much to your disappointment (and the bewilderment of the toys surrounding you), you did not get that one thing you wanted more than anything this year.

But really? Sometimes we ask for some outrageous things. Look at this kid for example. Like, hello?

Screenshot 2014-12-19 00.17.02.png

All of the beanie babies. Sure thing little one! *ahem*

At Vidyard, we all have that gift we never got. And after the stockings were hung with great care and the fire was aglow, we cracked open that can of worms … err memories.

Surely you have a gift you never received! Tweet that gift with the hashtag #giftInevergot … psst, Santa! Where were you on that one?

Team Vidyard