To succeed in marketing, you need to be able to reel your audience in. Bring them close and capture their attention. If you can’t do that, how will you ever get to the point of convincing them to buy your offering? You can’t teach your dog, Ralph, to shake a paw if you can’t even get him to come in from the backyard (not that we’re comparing dogs and prospects here).

personalized video pipelineNo, capturing his attention comes first. And the same goes for your prospects.

Then comes the opportunity to build strong relationships, connect, and ultimately convince buyers on the value of your product or service. Without these steps, there are no quality leads to pass to sales, and there’s certainly no significant marketing-driven pipeline.

But capturing attention is hard. I mean, like going-for-a-run-in-a-snowstorm-after-the-biggest-turkey-dinner-ever, hard. With over 85 business emails hitting your prospects’ inboxes every day, how can you possibly reach into the overflowing pot and come out with a solid business relationship … or hey, even an email click-through?

1:1 communication that brings your prospect directly into your story, that’s how. With video personalized for every single one of your prospects.

How do you do that? Good question! And one that stemmed the development of “Kickin’ Butt and Taking Names: How B2B Marketers Can Drive More Pipeline with Personalized Video”; so you can learn how to connect on an individual level to grab attention, engage, and ultimately drive more pipeline from the marketing activities you work so hard on.

personalized video pipeline

Give this guide on driving more pipeline with personalized video a read to:

  • Uncover the root causes of attention scarcity
  • Explore individualization, 2016’s content revolution
  • See a live personalized video campaign and its results
  • Discover 5 ideas for your own personalized video campaign

Kimbe MacMaster