How ClearFit uses Video and Marketo Together!

Because SiriusDecisions predicts that marketing automation adoption will rise by 50% before 2015, it’s really important for early adopters to start mastering their MAP to gain a competitive edge.

Although marketing automation is great for segmenting and nurturing, it’s also amazing for bringing together data from a bunch of different sources. Best in class marketers know this and are starting to combine their MAPs with video engagement data to reap the benefits.

If you funnel video engagement data into your MAP, you can see which leads are watching specific videos and start scoring them based on how much content they’ve watched. Moreover, you’ll gain the context you need to start meaningful conversations with prospects who are watching your content.

In short, you’ll know who’s engaging, when, and how interested they are. Very valuable info for data-driven marketers.

So who’s doing this now?

ClearFitAs a great example of this strategy, ClearFit has been been powering their marketing automation efforts with video since day one, and we wanted to look at several ways they’re using video to drive more pipeline and close more business.

That said, in our recent webinar we set out to answer three main questions:

  1. Does using video in email increase engagement?
  2. Are prospects who engage with video more likely to become customers?
  3. Is video effective for reviving dead opportunities and old leads?

Without spoiling all the fun of watching the webinar (included as a video later in this post), here’s a handy summary of the answers to these three questions based on ClearFit’s success:

Does video really increase engagement in email? (Hint: Yup)

From the very first email sent using their shiny, new Marketo instance to the email campaigns they ran just last week, ClearFit has been using video extensively in email, and reaping the rewards too.

It’s very common for ClearFit to use video to explain something with a video in an email like this, for example:
video in email

Using the data available in Marketo to determine the effectiveness of these video emails, ClearFit was able to show that emails with a direct, obvious video call-to-action had a 53% higher click-to-open rate on average over those that had no obvious mention of video. They were also able to segment their list based on who had watched more than 50% of their video, and follow up directly with these highly engaged leads.

The Lesson for Marketers?

Video works especially well in email campaigns. If you want to start including it in your mix, check out our blog post on how to use video in your emails, or read some best practices for video in email over on the ExactTarget blog.

Are prospects who engage with video more likely to convert?

Video is a big part of ClearFit’s online experience – from the explainer video on their home page, to the support videos built into their application, like this:

Use video for in-app experiences

By looking into how customers interacted with video assets using data in Marketo, ClearFit was able to show that 11.4% of leads who interacted with a video made a purchase – a big jump from the 5.4% average of all leads ClearFit studied. What’s even better is that ClearFit found 15.3% of leads who watched more than 50% of a video ended up making a purchase, and this number jumped to a whopping 17.6% when ClearFit analyzed leads that watched an entire video during their purchasing process.

The bottom line?

Leads that interact with ClearFit’s many video assets have a much higher chance of making a purchase. Moreover, the longer ClearFit videos can maintain the audiences’ attention, the more likely a purchase will occur; all the more reason to include video at every step of the sales funnel.

Can video help revive dead opportunities?

If every lead was guaranteed to convert, Marketing and Sales teams would have much easier lives. The fact is, only a small percentage of leads actually do convert, and even leads that make it to the opportunity stage can back out for a number of reasons.

This is why ClearFit uses video in emails to re-engage with opportunities that have purchased previously, or leads that were interested but went cold. They send out product announcement emails like this one to recover mindshare:

Email to follow up with cold leads

As you can see, ClearFit keeps all of their leads updated on new products and features. When they looked at leads associated from old or dead opportunities the results are surprising. Those who received the email converted at a rate of 0.29%, while those who clicked through and watched the video converted at a rate of 6.5%. That’s a 2144% increase – not bad!

Takeaways for Marketers

ClearFit is obviously getting something right with their combo of video marketing data with their marketing automation system. That said, here’s a wrap up of what you can learn from their tactics:

  1. Use video in email to increase engagement/click through rates
  2. Use video at every step of the sales funnel as those who interact with it are more likely to purchase, and
  3. Use video in nurture campaigns to revive dead opportunities or leads that have turned cold. ClearFit found that those who watch the video usually have a high conversion rate

Catch the full webinar to learn more!

No worries if you missed the live webinar, check out the recording and tell us what you think! Is your company using video to its full potential?

Jon Spenceley