You need a powerful marketing teamLet’s be honest, bringing together a modern marketing team is kind of like banding together superheroes that will inevitably save the world from mass destruction and peril (I’m not even exaggerating – marketing is serious business).

Senior marketing leaders need to unite the right people with the right set of complementary powers to be successful. You need a team of specialists in roles addressing areas of marketing that are particularly important, and members must work well together as a whole. In fact, it’s actually a lot like Marvel’s X-men. Professor Xavier’s mutant team is hyper evolved with unique powers – just like your marketing team should be.

The Ideal Mutant Marketing Team

With so much focus on content marketing, digital assets, demand generation as a science, and visual storytelling, today’s best marketing teams are now built with a focus on a diverse range of talent. You need roles spanning creative design, writing, video production, demand generation, social, product, and of course, analytics and forecasting.

In this post, I’ll share a little bit about our team of Mutant Marketers here at Vidyard, and the superpowers you should look for to assemble a team of power performers of your own.

Here’s who you’re looking for:

Resonance (your product marketing manager)

Resonance - Your Product Marketing Manager
Resonance, A.K.A. the savvy product and events marketer, uses telepathic mind powers to extract critical information directly from the minds of customers and prospects and converts that info into pure product marketing energy.

This marketing mutant crafts highly targeted value propositions that directly resonate with the needs and pain points of each target market. Resonance also uses telepathy to project your brand into the minds of attendees at industry conferences throughout the year.

When hiring this mutant (er – marketer), you’re looking for someone sharp; someone fine-tuned to your target audience’s perception of your brand. They should have a strategic approach to your product and how to position it with differentiation across different verticals. They should also have incredible insight into the channels that influence your target audience. A natural charisma for managing partnerships with various groups and a highly organized nature are also key.


Demando: Heightened Sensitivity to Purchase Intent
Demando (your director of lead generation), is a wizard when it comes to developing a strong revenue engine within your marketing automation platform. With a heightened sensitivity to purchase intent and an unparalleled knowledge of marketing operations, Demando uses his powers to find potential buyers and convert them through the funnel using nothing more than (sophisticated) automated nurturing programs. Demando’s only known weakness is battling completely anonymous prospects, but the right person in this role can overcome even this challenge with modern marketing tools.

To take on your own Demando, you’re looking for someone who understands buyer behaviour, marketing strategy, the sales process, and the technology landscape. They should be analytical but creative, love process but think out of the box, pay attention to detail but see the big picture. Experience with Marketing Automation, CRM, and campaign management is a must.

The Persuader

The Persuader: Your Content Marketing ManagerThe Persuader (your content marketing manager), should be a mix of curious detective-like wordsmith, editor, and teacher. Using powers of insight and articulation, this mutant marketer crafts brand stories so compelling that audiences are left spellbound. Making clever connections between unlikely topics with lightning speed, the Persuader expands your brand’s reach with a vast array of engaging assets for lead generation. He or she will conjure up a content journey for every campaign you need.

When recruiting your own Persuader, ensure they understand the importance of video in the mix. They should know how to craft a concise script and use video to promote the reach of your other content assets. They’ve got to be creative, but also understand how to track the success of their content assets with various metrics. You’ll also want someone familiar with journalism if you aim to turn your blog into a timely newsjacking machine.


Frame: Your VideographerWith incredible powers, Frame – your videographer /creative director – is a descendent of a race of storytellers who first came to Earth in the mid 20th century. Frame uses super-human vision to capture live images, transform them into something transcendent, and rebroadcast them into the minds of prospects and customers using the power of digital broadcast.

When looking for your own Frame, you’ll want someone who can break down complex B2B products and work with video projects from concept to completion (production to post). They should be imaginative, good with metaphors, and have a great sense of who you’re targeting with your videos. Get someone with a great sense of timing when it comes to editing, and someone who’s talented at directing people in front of the lens.

The Imagineers

The Imagineers: Taking Graphic Design to a Whole New Realm
The Imagineers: Taking Graphic Design to a Whole New RealmAt Vidyard we have a dynamic duo of imagineers (AKA graphic designers) who take creative design to a whole new realm. With advanced creative intuition and artistic integrity fused into their DNA, The Imagineers are skilled in visual hypnosis and ensure your message gets noticed.

When hiring your own, you’ll want artists who not only keep up with what’s trendy (to keep your brand fresh), but also understand how visual elements contribute to conversion. They should grasp how composition and the psychology of color affect buying intent and you’ll want to watch out for designers who can code landing pages (they’re hyper valuable).

The Amplifier

The Amplifier: Your Social and Community ManagerThe Amplifier, or human megaphone, (your community manager) can clone themselves and spread online messages, infographics, and videos on multiple channels using their super human wit, charm, and influence. Once cloned, The Amplifier’s social media powers enable him to spread the reach of content pieces to thousands, globally. Through his powers of alignment, The Amplifier has also been known to band together other partners with influence to broadcast his messages even further.

When hiring your own Amplifier, look for someone who can speak your brand’s voice effortlessly. You’ll want a person who’s tactful, social, and can spot opportunity in various interactions to insert your helpful brand content. A deep understanding of key social media channels and how to use them to build engaged audiences is critical.


Insight: Turn Raw Data into Powerful Information & Insights
Insight, an incredibly important and trendy mutant marketer, is able to use x-ray vision to transform raw data into powerful information and insights using an ancient Excel-erometer handed down from the gods of old. Known in some circles as the Number Necromancer or the Growth Hacker, Insight uses Google Analytics, Kiss Metrics, and a range of powerful tools to extract trends from even small amounts of data, but also has the ability to see into the future to forecast growth and accelerate it.

When looking for your own Insight, ensure they have a true passion for data analysis and an appreciation for statistical theory. He or she may have a diverse background in mathematics, physics, or even psychology, but rarely come from a traditional marketing, advertising, or journalism background. Remember, you can often find anything you’re looking for in numbers, and the true power of Insight is the ability to take an objective view and extract facts, trends, and quantifiable results that help you grow your business and meet your objectives.

On a whole, remember that each of the individuals you recruit needs to work toward the goals of the team in combination with one another. A strong marketing team addresses the marketing needs and trends of the day, but also has great processes in place for facilitating great work.

Are there super roles you have specific to your marketing org? Let us know with a comment below and tell us what their Marvel inspired identity would be!

Tyler Lessard