How To: Benefit from using YouTube

By Michael Litt in Video How-To on January 21, 2013

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YouTube is a huge asset to a large number of businesses and industries. Generally speaking, if your company benefits from being searchable on Google, your company would also benefit from a YouTube channel.


According to ReelSEO, there are additional factors to consider when optimizing your videos on YouTube: “creating quality, compelling video content; publishing using SEO best practices; and, engaging with the community, both within as well as outside of YouTube.”

In addition to understanding the SEO benefits of YouTube, execute a competitor analysis. Take a look at what types of videos your competitors are posting, how often they are posting and the amount of views and interaction they receive from them.

When should you avoid pushing your content to YouTube?

You should not use YouTube for any content that has been restricted for a particular audience. By uploading content to YouTube you forgo the rights to your content.

What does this have to do with Vidyard?

Think of Vidyard as being the hub for your video content; we allow you to push content out to the various channels. We believe that one of the most important channels for your video is YouTube and it is for this reason that we have put some extra love into this functionality. With Vidyard you can now:

  • Schedule when your video is delivered to YouTube
  • Organize your tags and descriptions for SEO benefits
  • Track your performance – we bring in the analytics through YouTube’s API.

Take a look at what we’re talking about:

How do Vidyard and YouTube work together?

Now for the tricky part! At Vidyard, we believe that visitors should flow from a Google search to YouTube and from there, convert visitors to your site. Unfortunately, YouTube is motivated to make the opposite happen. YouTube wants visitors to flow off of your site and onto; it is on this domain that they are able to make the most money on their advertisements.

Vidyard solves this problem with our video player by:

  • Eliminating all outbound links
  • Moving around firewalls that could be blocking your content

Lastly, you have two options when it comes to hosting your content: Hosting it through our servers, which are faster and higher quality than YouTube OR through YouTube’s servers but wrapped in our players.

Deciding whether or not to use the Vidyard and YouTube combination depends on the purpose and objectives for your videos. To learn more about what is right for you, reach out to me for a chat!



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