How To Engage and Convert your Audience with Customized Call to Actions

By Michael Litt in Video How-To on January 21, 2013

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A very powerful feature we have here at Vidyard is the ability to create fully customizable Call To Actions (CTAs), which come in two varieties: Pop-out CTAs and Final CTAs. Using Vidyard’s easy to use interface, Call to Actions can be modified to your needs and used to help engage your audience by aiding in conversions. In his previous blog, Tyler (our CSS and JS wizard) described a creative way to use Final Call to Actions: the“Choose Your Own Adventure” style set of video. In addition to using Final CTAs, we can also customize Popout CTAs that can be directly shown beside each player.

Setting up the popout CTAs are very simply; let’s step through the process.

Step 1: 

Create a player and upload a video – or grab one from YouTube – that you wish to add a CTA too.

Step 2:

Go to ‘Advanced’ dropdown box on the video you are adding a CTA to, and click ‘Popout CTA.’ This will direct you to the ‘Call to Actions’ page. 


Step 3:

Now that you are on the Call to Actions interface, you can start to create your CTAs. To start, we will visit the ‘General Settings’ section, located on the bottom of the page. There, we can specify the position, border style and the existence of the close button on the CTA. Once you have finished defining the settings, we’ll click on the ‘Add’ button located just above the section. This will create your first Call to Action. 


Step 4:

Using the two sliders located on left of the interface, we can start to customize our CTA by specifying its width and duration. The top slider is used to adjust the width of the CTA, while the length of time it’s shown, can be modified via the second slider. In addition, the option to have your CTA remain after playback, or delete the CTA, are also present. 


Step 5:

Once the width and duration of your CTA have been specified, we can start adding content. Using our WYSIMYG editor located on the right of the interface, we can create a simple CTA containing some standard text and interactive content with just a few clicks.

If the existing features on the editor do not satisfy all of your style needs, you may choose to take full control of the look and feel by writing your own HTML code; this can be done by clicking on the ‘Source’ button. Moreover, while you are creating your own CTA, you can see the changes you are making with our real time updated display screen.

Here are a few customized CTAs that I made with simple HTML tags: 


Make sure you check out our newest upgraded feature: Brand Watermarking! 


Xunzhi Sun is the current software developer co-op at VidYard. He enjoys getting his hands into all technical aspects of VidYard, from creating interactive UI all the way to terminating server-side bugs.

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