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December 16, 2013

inContact: Using Video Marketing to Drive Millions in Pipeline

Whether you’ve got a few videos or you’re a seasoned video marketing pro, it’s always good to get a sense of how top brands are connecting their content to ROI.

At Dreamforce this year we met up with Scott Logan, Marketing Campaign Manager at inContact, and we were thrilled to hear about how they’re using video to make the buying process easier for customers, and closing a significant number of deals based on a clients’ initial interaction with video content.

Here’s what Scott had to tell us about the inContact video marketing strategy:

Why inContact is Using Video

As Scott mentions, inContact uses video not only because it allows them to stand out as an industry leader when a potential customer visits their site, but also because it’s different than a traditional white paper or text-based B2B offering. inContact knows that prospects prefer information in short, digestible pieces and video is a great way to deliver this on their website where everyone’s hunting for fast, clear ways to understand the product offering.

What’s more is that the rich video library the company has established, which includes over 280 customer testimonials and product demos, now acts as an on-demand source of information. Rather than repeatedly ask their customer base for referral calls to potential customers, Scott and his marketing team simply serve up fantastic customer testimonial videos as needed.

Recognizing the scalable, consistent benefits of a video message, Scott reiterates, “your sales people can use [your videos] to make that perfect pitch every time”.

Using Eloqua and Video to Qualify Leads

When it comes to marketing automation, a seamless integration with Eloqua was a must when inContact was evaluating video vendors. Using the Vidyard Cloud Connector, inContact can create Eloqua landing pages featuring their videos, and then track the performance of those videos based on viewership data. All the individual viewer data can be mapped directly to an Eloqua campaign and individual contact record, which can ultimately help you segment and score leads based on the content they have consumed per campaign.

Scott also qualifies leads by setting up a video content journey. By stacking together a group of videos in a playlist, you can gauge a prospect’s interest and lead score based on how much of that content you know they’ve watched through to the end. As Scott notes, the calls to action can be your qualifier; if leads complete the call to action that appears at a strategic point in your video, this can be an indicator of whether they’re sales ready.

The future of Video Marketing for inContact

In 2014 inContact is ready to start taking full advantage of the robust reporting Vidyard has to offer. Managing so many videos with well over 87,445 views, it’s now time to consolidate all of their viewership data – including regional data, which browsers their customers are viewing videos with, and how many are viewing on mobile. As Scott says, “we have access to all that information through Vidyard, and we’re now going to start tailoring our campaigns with that information to make our video more effective.”

Scott’s Advice for Marketers

If you’re just starting out with video, Scott suggests you start off small and join forces with someone who’s experienced. Whether it’s a production house full of professionals or someone at your company who has a background with video marketing in some capacity, it’s best to release a few shorts and see how your audience responds to the style. If you start by releasing a video either weekly or bi-weekly, your video analytics will often indicate what you need to modify in order to be effective.

Learn More About how inContact Uses Video

Read the inContact Case StudyYou can read more about how inContact is successfully using video marketing to drive business in our case study.

If your company is doing great things with video, we want to hear from you too! Lead the discussion below and tell us what kinds of results you’ve seen, or what kinds of info you’re trying to track.

Jennifer Pepper

Jennifer Pepper

Jennifer is the Customer Success Content Strategist at Unbounce. One day she wants to direct the ads you skip on YouTube. Follow her on Twitter @PeppersWrite.

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