Attention spans are getting … hey, you! Back here! Focus. We were saying attention spans are getting shorter.

We’ve all noticed.

And yeah sure, using video in your content plan can help you combat the gold-fish age of attention spans. But admit it, you know that even your most prized video creation can struggle sometimes. That’s why it’s important to track (and take action on!) your video engagement data.

After you posted that last video masterpiece of yours, maybe you just weren’t seeing the results you hoped for. It’s okay, it’s happened to all of us. Maybe viewers were dropping off because your intro is too long or maybe you aren’t even attracting the right audience to begin with. But wait! Before you toss that video and crush your video production dreams, there’s still hope! Video data can show you where the opportunities lie in your current content to turn that floundering asset into a true star. But … only if you’re paying attention.

So get chummy with your video data. Download this super quick and snappy guide so you can start making informed, data-driven video content decisions.

Optimizing Video with Data

Team Vidyard