It’s a familiar scenario.

You create a cool brand video, your team loves it, you get a few social shares – even a bunch of views – and suddenly you’re the trendy marketer on top of the world.

Pretty exciting stuff
Yes, Leo. It’s all very exciting…

But then, after about a week or so, you’re asked how that video performed. No – not how many views you had, rather how you’re measuring up. Y’know, the non-vanity metrics.

(Gah! There’s that word again…’metrics’). I could practically hear you take a sharp breath right there.

That pesky little word seems to crush your video marketing dreams, and it makes you really sweaty and weird with your boss. Because no matter how many creative, terrific brand videos you put out into the universe, as a modern marketer you have to become more strategic and prove that your investment in video marketing is resulting in clear ROI.

The only problem? You’re not sure where to get started, or how to make video especially measurable.

Why Video Metrics Matter

As your investment in video starts to rise, you’ll need to understand audience interaction to see who’s sticking around to view your content as well as what percentage of your audience converts. These KPIs, among others, are indicative of prospect interest and the effectiveness of your marketing. A view count, however, that’s just fluff.

I mean, look at poor Sarah here. Citing a total view count can’t catch her a break with her boss:

As you can see, ‘metrics’ can’t be the thing you’re afraid of anymore. But the good news is, it shouldn’t have to be what’s striking fear into your heart in the first place!

Not only are there tools you can use to better measure the performance of your video readily available to you, but based on a few really awesome video campaigns, there are best practices you can follow to ensure you start using video more strategically.

Moreover, when you start using video in combination with your marketing automation platform, that’s when things get especially exciting. By combining your video data and MAP, you can track each individual’s video viewing history in their MAP contact record, and set triggers to follow up with prospects right after they’ve watched a certain threshold of your video marketing content. The combo ultimately allows you to become an automated marketing qualified lead-generating machine!

So you Wanna be More Strategic?

Today we’re proud to release the Modern Marketer’s Guide to Making the Most out of Video. A co-branded guide with our friends at Oracle Marketing Cloud, it’s packed with full of practical B2B video examples and tactics, including examples from B2B companies including Taulia, Cisco, Cvent, General Electric, and more.
The Modern Marketer's Guide to Video

In the detailed guide we walk you through:

  • What it means to narrowcast (and why you’ll want to do this)
  • The six steps to purposeful, measurable video marketing
  • Ways to use video throughout the funnel
  • Connecting video data to your MAP to identify & nurture your hottest opportunities, and
  • The metrics you need to track as a successful video marketer

So go on, grab your guide and start planning your strategy for video marketing!

Jennifer Pepper