Looking for ways to enable sales with your content marketing? Look no further than video! And who better to give us an inside perspective about video’s connection to sales than Jill Rowley, Social Selling Evangelist over at Oracle?

We are big fans of Jill here at Vidyard and we love her message about attaching identity to viewership and using video to humanize the sales process.

Social selling and establishing your personal brand

Jill emphasizes that modern marketers and sales professionals first need to develop their personal brand to connect with customers. Creating this brand requires that you:

  • Become an information concierge
  • Curate interesting content and resources to attract your buyers
  • Socially surround your buyers and their sphere of influence

Basically, you’ve got to leverage your social capital to build identity and relationships – and video can help!

Using video, a salesperson can explain why they’d like to connect and this genuine outreach goes a long way with customers.

Skip the cold call: Send a personalized video instead!

As Jill says, instead of a cold call where you might not know the person on the other end, a modern salesperson can gain information about contacts through their social media feeds and then cater to the buyer’s interests with video.

If you know your client in Toronto loves hockey, mention hockey in a custom video that answers their specific questions about your product!

This personalization creates a meaningful connection with your buyer and makes your video that much more engaging. It’s personalized, tailored content like this that will help you stand out from your competitors and get you that much sought-after meeting for a pitch.

Ultimately Jill believes video marketing can be a tool to connect with your customers with both informative content and a bit of fun, or as Jill calls it: “edutainment” (the combo of education and entertainment as a means of guiding leads through the sales funnel).

Let us know how you’ve been using video for social selling in the comments below – we love your feedback! And, as always, you can look forward to more in our Thought Leadership Series in the coming weeks.

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Jennifer Pepper