Video is the closest thing to being there in person…your audience can hear you, and see you. It’s like you’re standing in front of them. And when you add interactive elements, a video becomes a true conversation, where you and your viewers can learn about each other.

Last week, Seth Lieberman, founder and CEO of SnapApp (a content marketing platform), and Jon Spenceley, one of our very own marketing managers at Vidyard, played to a sold-out webinar audience. What did these two industry rock stars discuss?

Here’s a taste of some of the awesome info discussed during the webinar. (Or, you can watch the whole thing yourself!)

Video marketing has evolved

In video marketing’s infancy, the medium was used mostly for top-of-funnel brand awareness content. It seemed like a really cool way for brands to get the attention of audiences. But marketers quickly realized that the power of video is so much greater than originally thought: as high-quality internet became standard and consumers used mobile more and more, video became an effective way to engage people throughout their day, keeping brands easily accessible, entertaining, and top-of-mind.

More and more consumers want video, and now they use it to help them make decisions: 72% of B2B buyers watch video throughout their entire path to purchase! That’s likely why it’s predicted that by 2018, video will account for 80% of web traffic. Get ready, everyone: the future of the internet is video.

Interactive video is driving real results for marketing teams

Video itself has significant, undeniable benefits: you’re looking at a 20% lower cost per lead compared to other content types. And, video increases purchase intent by 97%!

The more personal a video is, the better it will likely perform. For example, personalized calls-to-action result in a 42% higher conversion rate than generic CTAs. These personalized CTAs deliver higher click-throughs and conversion rates.

When a video is interactive and personalized, audiences are 80% likely to watch all the way through, and 45% likely to complete lead forms.

But what can you do with interactive video?

Add a quiz, a calculator, or a survey to your video. It’s the perfect way to keep your audience’s attention because they get a chance to answer questions and talk about themselves. Depending on what someone answers, you can offer them a different CTA or other relevant content.

Interactive video isn’t just for your audience; you can integrate their answers into marketing automation systems, and use the insights for lead scoring!

Cool, isn’t it? But there’s more!

Interactive elements are perfect for videos at any stage of the funnel. If you have a short, brand-awareness video, you can use a couple interactions to keep interest. You can add a number of more detailed elements to a longer video, like a webinar, for demand generation purposes.

Are you wondering if interactive video will be searchable or help your SEO efforts? Yes, it can! The data can be searchable and indexable, helping you attract even more viewers to your enticing video.

Watch the webinar to see examples and get even more useful information on how interactive video can take your video marketing to the next level!

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Emily Ross