In our last chat with online marketing pro Lee Odden, Lee shared some great practical tips for extending the reach and SEO of your video content.

In this episode, Lee speaks to the quality standards we’re starting to see as we move forward with content marketing.

While 90% of marketers are now experimenting with different types of content, Lee points out that many marketers aren’t really creating worthwhile resources reflecting the true spirit of the marketing technique. Instead, Lee notes, some search-focused marketers have mistakenly placed focus on more content.

It may be true that a large volume of content creates multiple entry points to drive customers to your website; but it’s not about how much you’re producing, rather it’s about the overall quality and value for your target audience. As Lee says, more isn’t better, better is better.

What this means for content marketers

There’s a lot of pressure to create valuable resource centres for your audience, but if you’re creating content for content’s sake, it’s obvious and it won’t be worth it. Overall Lee encourages marketers to stray from the “more is better” mantra by focusing on creating meaningful content, for a specific audience, to create a specific outcome.

When looking at evaluating your videos, and other forms of content marketing, make sure that your tips, guides, white papers, and blog posts answer real questions and provide some depth. You’ll want to make sure you provide fresh ideas, challenge the status quo, and deliver great stories to attract customer’s interest and keep them coming back for more.

Remember, a real content marketing strategy doesn’t have a projected end date (that’s a campaign). Great content meets customer needs on a regular basis, contains little reference (if any) to your products and services, and consists of educational insight your customers can learn from and share.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for more in the Video Thought Leadership series!

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Jennifer Pepper