Video is in the house: Why marketing teams are taking over video content creation

By Team Vidyard in Thought Leadership on March 4, 2013

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Welcome to the fourth instalment of our “Video Thought Leadership” series, a weekly look at the bigger picture of how video is impacting us as individuals, consumers, businesses and marketers.

Last week we talked about enabling great video content creation by letting go of video production myths and focusing on storytelling

This week our CEO, Michael Litt, talks about the shift to in-house video teams and how those teams are not made up of producers, but marketers.

Enjoy, and we’re looking forward to sharing more big video ideas in this new, ongoing series.

Do you have any big ideas about video? We’d love to hear from you, we’re looking for contributors to our “Video Thought Leadership” series and would love to talk to you about your ideas! Simply drop us an email or tweet us @Vidyard to get the conversation started.

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