Meet the Team is our monthly chance to introduce you to the fabulous, quirky, talented people that work at Vidyard, using our favorite medium — video! For this episode, we caught up with Amar Chahal, head of Growth & Business Intelligence here at Vidyard. Learn how a business class at UofT changed his life, and the best way to fry chicken in this new video:

What Didn’t Make the Cut

Amar had way more to say than just the secret of Brampton, so let’s dive into some of the answers we couldn’t fit into the video:

What brought you to Vidyard?

Great question – there’s a long answer and a short answer. When I joined Vidyard there were maybe eight people, and my initial attraction was that Vidyard had gone through YCombinator and had a great set of investors. But once I started going through the interview process, learning more about the team, and meeting Michael and Devon, I felt much more strongly about joining Vidyard.

What’s your favorite video on the internet right now?

My favorite video on the internet is Urban Outlaw, a film by Magnus Walker.

He’s this old British dude who has crazy dreadlocks and has a collection of vintage Porsche 911s, ranging from the first year they made it in 1965 all the way to 1985. So he has one car for every single year. It goes through his collection and why he’s so passionate – the smell, the sound, the way the car makes you feel. Being a vintage car enthusiast myself, I really resonate with that video. Especially since it’s winter here, so I live vicariously through Magnus until the summer rolls around.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Kitchener, and why?

I think the expected answer from me would be Lancaster Smokehouse. Order the fried chicken and waffles. Although you can’t go wrong with anything else on the menu either.

I would say to go off the beaten path a bit, there’s an amazing Lebanese place called Arabesque, and their chicken mousahab is to die for!

Jon Spenceley