MoBeers 3 – The European Invasion! [Event Videos]

By Michael Litt in Vidyard News on January 17, 2013

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Tuesday April 10th marked the date for the most recent MoBeers (Mobile Development + Beers) event, aptly titled: “The European Invasion”.


Vidyard is a huge fan of these events as they bring together a complex and interesting crowd of startup people, beer drinkers, mobile developers, brewries and awesome companies.

This was the first time the event was hosted at The Museum, an awesome venue that was fully capable of comfortably hosting the 200+ attendees.

As with the last event, we were sure to capture all of the talks on stage (as well as put together a quick edit to highlight the speakers at the event):

First Video = Event Overview

Second Video = Peter Paul Koch ( – PPK) on Pixels and Viewports

Third Video = Desire 2 Learn Program Manager, Shawn McEwen on Mobility and Education

Fourth Video = Nikolai Onken on BikshedJS ( (Flash to HTML5 Conversion Tool)

Special thanks goes out to Peter Paul Koch (PPK) and Nikolai Onken for travelling all the way from Amsterdam to attend and speak at the event.

Even Special(er) thanks goes to the breweries and event sponsors for making everything possible. These sponsors include: Stone HammerSteam WhistleFlying MonkeyBlackBerryClikGoogle,the apps factoryD2LPolar MobileMonolith InteractiveCute GeckoBrentwood LiveryVidyard,
NomNomTreats and MGBW.

The most specialist of thanks goes to the Tiny Hippos crew, Dan Silvestru (@confusement), Yuriy Blokhin (@yblokhin), Jamie Beach (@JamieBeach) and Rob Drimmie (@RobDrimmie) who brought everything together.

Cheers to the next event!


That was awesome, huh?

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