New Feature: Go back to the Future with Vidyard!

By Michael Litt in Vidyard News on January 21, 2013

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On a monthly basis, we communicate with our users to identify cool features and integrations that seem to add value to Vidyard‘s professional video hosting platform.

We then look at the video landscape and extend this feedback into features that we’re going to build.

Then comes a soft rollout of the feature – it sits in the platform and we ask our power-users to try it out and provide feedback. This process is at the core of Vidyard’s culture and values: Build something people want.


Today, I’m particularily excited to announce that you can now Schedule when a video goes live! Not only can you schedule video deployment to YouTube, you can also schedule video deployment to a player that is embedded on one of your web-properties!

What does it look like? I’ve embedded a player below and locked the video to go live on August 6th at 8:35AM.


Cool eh? Now on to some use-cases:

  • Weekly webinars. Embed a live chat platform on a landing page and drive traffic to a weekly on-demand training session. Handle all of the questions at once!
  • Special Content – drive subscriptions or hype by scheduling delivery at some point in the future
  • Time content delivery on your blog or website alongside of your YouTube channel

Awesome – so how does it work?

1) Log into your vidyard account, add a video or select an already existing player

2) Select “Security” from the player dashboard


3) At the bottom of the “Security Settings” screen, you’ll see “Scheduled Videos”. Simply pick a date!


4) That’s it! Click save and your player is now scheduled for the future – no DeLorean required.


If you have any questions or concerns – feel free to reach out via our support forums or on Twitter.


That was awesome, huh?

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