New Feature: Vidyard Uploader Widget

By Michael Litt in Vidyard News

The Vidyard Uploader Widget enables visitors to upload their videos directly into your Vidyard account, from your website.

The Vidyard Uploader Widget is available for the Advanced Plan and up!  Upgrade your account on Vidyard or contact one of our friendly sales representatives to find the plan that best suites your needs!

To create a Vidyard Uploader Widget that you can embed on to your website, follow these steps:

1. Access the Advanced menu in your Vidyard account.  Click the “Build an Uploader Widget” link.


2. Next, you must decide whether you want the Uploader Widget to open in a new window (popout) or if it will appear inline on the page (iframe).  Popout Uploader Widgets are the best choice for when you have limited space on your website to place the Widget.



3. If you choose the popout Uploader Widget, you can set the height and width of the window that will open; in addition, you can customize the text that will appear on the popout button.  Feel free to preview your widget by clicking on the preview button.


If you choose the iFrame Uploader Widget, you can set the height and width of the inline uploader that will be on your website.

4. When creating your Uploader Widget, you can decide which Vidyard tags will be attached to the video.  This is useful for sorting and categorization later on when you’re in your Vidyard account.  Setting tags is optional, though recommended for making a distinction between Uploader Widget videos and your own. Remember, when creating multiple tags, hit Enter after typing each tag.


5. Next, you need to embed the Vidyard Uploader Widget on to your website.  Click the Copy button for either the popout or iFrame embed and paste it into the area of your website you would like to make it available.  This may require sending the copied code to your website administrator.


The Vidyard Uploader Widget is the easiest way to let visitors on your website submit their content directly to you.  We take care of all the hard stuff: encoding, analytics and playback compatibility for your visitor submissions, allowing you to easily share and re-embed all your exciting new content.



Ryan is a lead developer at Vidyard, straight out of Australia! He specializes in everything back-end when it comes to making your videos awesome.



Michael Litt

Michael is the CEO and Co-Founder of Vidyard. In addition to growing Vidyard’s success, he is actively involved in the technology sector, acting as a mentor to various early stage companies.