One of the things I love the most about the time I’ve spent at Vidyard is talking to people about how they live and breathe video. It doesn’t matter who it is, from marketing to sales to IT, the Vidyard user base is passionate about using video efficiently and effectively. As a member of the customer experience team, I was lucky enough to see first hand how people across all industries and use cases interact with the dashboard. The most interesting part of this diversity among our users is that in spite of their different goals, a common workflow has bubbled to the surface which isn’t quite expressed in the UI.


With this in mind, we wrangled up an expert team to devise a plan to reorganize the Vidyard dashboard into a better representation of this more natural workflow we believe all users should be using.

As Mike and Devon first talked about during the product keynote at Viewtopia® ‘16, we think that the future of how you leverage video day to day can be broken down into three categories: content, channels, and insights (CCI). This is a concept that we want to show you in the platform.

So we’re proud to bring to you our new CCI menu structure! This new reorganization of the dashboard menu follows your workflow as you manage your video content by putting the Vidyard tools you rely on in the places you would expect to find them.

Let’s take a look at what Content, Channels, and Insights means inside the Vidyard dashboard.


The future of your content stream is video. The democratization of video production in some of the platforms you use regularly is already happening. Vidyard is aiming to encourage this through tools like Vidyard GoVideo (formerly ViewedIt) and our popular Studio-In-A-Box program. We want your videos to be personalized and interactive. Helping you manage all of this content is the first item on the agenda.

In the Vidyard dashboard, the content area is where your videos live and players are built. It’s not just about the videos themselves, but how you manage the metadata, thumbnails, personalization and interactivity. We want to work towards making your content easier to see, move, and edit. You may have noticed we’ve made small changes over the last little while that will allow you to move players around between groups, and we began piloting the video library to give you direct access to your videos. This is the beginning of some key improvements we’ve planned to help you build out and manage your content library.


We want you to think strategically about where and how you get eyeballs in front of your videos. Your channels aren’t just a dumping ground on YouTube or an occasional post to Facebook. Your video channels include your website and your social outlets. At Vidyard, our entire company has become a channel as more and more communication is being done through video.

If social is your game, you’ll be able to configure your YouTube and Facebook channels. For SEO, you can manage your video sitemap. Whether you’re driving traffic to a video hub, podcasting with a video feed, or just adding some style to your branded sharing pages, this is where you’ll find the tools to distribute your players.


Vidyard is, and always has been, about allowing you to make smarter decisions around your content by showing you how your videos are performing. The reality is that not every video is a winner and that’s okay. That’s why we published the 2017 Video Benchmark Report. We want you to understand where you sit in the world of video.

It would then make sense that after you’ve organized your content and configured the distribution channels, you would want to know how things are going. To that end, you’ll begin to see additional data points throughout the platform. We’re hoping that a more simplified view of this data at the right spots in the platform will help offer some better context.

Simple, right? This all starts with a reorganization of the top level navigation within the dashboard. Like this:

Vidyard dashboard

tyler vincent - ui:ux nerdI’ve been working with the head of our dashboard team, Tyler (over there on the right), to begin carving out the right journey for our users so that this idea of Content, Channels, and Insights is reinforced in the dashboard. Don’t let his calm demeanor fool you. This is the reason he gets out of bed every morning.

Want to see a preview of the changes to come? Check out this Vidyard GoVideo I recorded for the highlights:

If you’re ready to try it for yourself, reach  out to your Customer Success Manager or the Vidyard Support team to have them flip the switch.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear any feedback you have so feel free to sound off in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Jivan Ramsahai