You’ve been working so hard all year on creating countless marketing assets, perfecting campaigns, nurturing leads, measuring ROI…really, it’s amazing you can accomplish so much in a year. You deserve a cookie. Actually, you deserve much more, and that’s why we may have something shiny and gold with your name on it…drum roll, please…

The Video Marketing Awards are coming soon! Held in November during the Video Marketing Summit (which is themed “Viewtopia®” this year), the VMAs honor the best and brightest marketers who have created innovative, engaging, and results-driven video marketing campaigns.

Why are the VMAs so great? Marketers get so busy racking our brains coming up with ideas, strengthening strategies, and planning and executing campaigns, that sometimes we forget to sit back and admire what we’ve done, as well as learn from other marketers who are excelling (because face it, not everything we do is gold, and sometimes we need a little inspiration to get back on track). So take this moment to reflect on everything you’ve achieved this year, and consider nominating your team for your very own golden, statuesque Video Marketing Award.

What could you win a Video Marketing Award for?

With ten categories to choose from, marketers will have a great selection of awards to submit nominations for:

Video Marketing Campaign of the Year

Have you delivered an impactful digital marketing campaign in 2016 using video as the primary content medium for the campaign? This award could be yours!

Best Personalized Video Campaign

Have you been using Personalized Video as part of your video marketing strategy? More than just an attention-grabber, Personalized Video delivers real results, so this award will be granted to the marketing team who has been using it in a creative way to crush their targets and generate significant ROI.

Best Use of Live Video, Webinars, or Virtual Events

This VMA will be awarded to the marketing team that has used live video broadcasts, online webinars, or virtual events to achieve great results. Is it you?

Best Use of Video for Sales Prospecting

Organizations are catching on fast to the fact that video is generating results not only in terms of marketing leads, but in sales as well. That’s why a VMA will be awarded to the organization that is making the best use of video as part of their outbound sales prospecting programs. Nominate your business if you’re using marketing-produced videos, custom recorded video messages by sales reps, personalized videos, or more to strengthen your sales strategy.

For inspiration, take a look at a VMA winner from last year: Zuora won a VMA for Marketing and Sales Alignment. Watch the video:

Best Online Video Presence for a B2B Brand

Are you using video across multiple channels to elevate your brand and increase overall audience engagement? Then this award could be yours!

Video Marketing Tech Stack Award

A number of complementary marketing and sales technologies can greatly amplify the success of video marketing programs, so this VMA will be granted to the organization that is taking full advantage of what video can do when it’s integrated into a marketing tech stack. Let us know what you’re using and how, and you can walk away with your own golden statue.

Breakout Video Marketer of the Year

You don’t have to be a long-term veteran of the video marketing world; even newcomers (are you one?) can achieve incredible things. This award will be given to the marketing team who has demonstrated the most progress in establishing or improving their video marketing strategy in 2016.

Small Business, Big Bang

Does your business have less than 100 employees? Are you using video strategically to generate big results and punch above your weight class? Then submit your nomination for this award!

Video Marketing Impact Award

Are you using video to make an incredible impact on your business? This VMA could be yours if you can demonstrate the most dramatic ROI and impact on lead generation, pipeline, and closed revenue as a result of video marketing programs.

For inspiration, here’s one of the winning videos from Hootsuite, last year’s winner of the Video Marketing Impact Award:

Video Marketing Trailblazer

Here’s an award that will be granted not to a whole organization or team, but to one trailblazing marketer. Are you (or a coworker) a visionary marketer who has championed video marketing within your organization, and developed a video marketing strategy that has generated significant results and ROI for the business? Then you know what to do!

Tell us why you should win by September 30!

Pick your category (or categories!), tell us your story, and submit your nomination by September 30, 2016. Remember, it takes more than one great video – we’re looking for some really impressive videos, strategies, and results!

Want to see more of the winners from last year? Check out our 2015 VMAs blog post to watch more videos and get great insight on why the winners were chosen.

Now stop reading and get going on your nomination now!


Emily Ross