Open Sourcing the Ruby Eloqua Wrapper

By Stephanie Goodman in Product News on January 21, 2013

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Vidyard and Eloqua are working together! We’ve built an integration, allowing Eloqua users to perform marketing automation and lead-scoring functions on their video content. This is a ground-breaking integration, and makes Eloqua the first marketing automation platform to work with video content! To get the integration rolling, we built and open-sourced a Ruby gem wrapping the Eloqua SOAP API. 

Vidyard loves giving back to the community. Whether it’s through amazing recruiting events to foster the start up community or offering great discounts for non-profts we’re really trying to make the world a better place.

One of the ways developers are able to give back is through open sourcing our code. We know the various pain points and issues we’ve encountered are likely to be the same ones that someone is currently experiencing or may experience in the future. The first Ruby gem we’ve gone ahead and published is the Eloqua gem.

The Ruby gem was originally developed by James Lal, however, it lacked some of the necessary features and additional SOAP calls that Eloqua added. Our team at Vidyard has gone ahead and added upon it!

Although Eloqua is working on a RESTful API, their main API calls are still done throughSOAP. Talking to SOAP services has its issues, luckily Ruby has a great gem called Savon that “abstracts a lot of the insanity” from the SOAP calls. Combined with the builder gem, we’re able to create the necessary XML structure for the WSDL documents.

Lets take a look at retrieving a member. The necessary code that we would have to send to Eloqua would look like this:


To write this code for every single one of your calls would take too much time.  In order to overcome this, we’ve simplified our Ruby gem to look like this:


The gem will then be able to construct the XML with that call.

Vidyard has a significant amount of code built within Ruby; therefore, creating the gem has allowed us to interface with the Eloqua API without having to reconstruct our code in their specified languages of C# or Java.

The gem is still in active development so if you’re missing any functions, don’t hesitate to comment or send us an email and I’ll be sure to get working on it! You can also get creative on your end – it’s open-sourced which means you can contribute to it as well.

We have many more details to come on this huge integration. Stay tuned for more information from our blogs in the coming weeks!



Brian Jou is a software developer at Vidyard. From the front end web design all the way to the database, Brian has worked with it all. He absolutely loves all pop culture videos and wants to make your video experience one to remember!

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