We all know events are a great time to share your content. In fact, in-person events are rated as the most effective content marketing tactic, according to the Content Marketing Institute. But what about the content you can produce from your event? You’ve done the legwork to get your customers, prospects, and influencers face-to-face. Why not take it a step further and capture them on video!

You don’t have to let video production eat away at your event budget. In fact, you don’t even need to hire a team! The important thing is not to squander your opportunity to produce some great video content. Here are just a few examples of videos you can create at your next in-person event with minimal resources:

Customer Testimonials

In-person events are a great chance to interact with your customers. Coordinate with your customer success team ahead of time to suggest candidates to interview on camera. These videos might not be a slick as your traditional video case study, but they can still be a very powerful tool for sales to use to engage their prospects.

The more customers you interview at your events, the more ways you can slice and dice the footage. Customer testimonial videos grouped by industry or job role will resonate even more with your buyers and help you tell a more personalized story. Want some tips on shooting interviews at events? Check out this episode of Video Marketing How-To.

Hot Tips & Best Practices

Why not do an on camera survey? Come up with a few questions that are pertinent to your audience and film your attendees’ answers. Think about what campaigns, themes and product releases you’re planning and tailor the questions to complement your marketing plan. Then you can cut together some quick snackable videos with advice from subject matter experts that pair nicely with blogs, eBooks, and other resources.

Provide the questions ahead of time so people can think about their answers and volunteer to be filmed. To get more participation, you can offer a special prize or piece of swag for those who volunteer.  The quotes from these videos will also be useful for peppering into other content like blogs and eBooks.

Events can also be a great time to gather some footage for a light-hearted video. You can invite your attendees to share an industry or role-specific pain or rant or tie it into something fun like a holiday campaign. We’re all inundated by content. Sometimes humor is just what you need to cut through the noise!

Future Event Promotion

Assuming this isn’t the last time you’re going to host an event, capturing footage of the event itself is a great way to drive attendance to future roadshow stops or other events. Capture what makes your event special, whether it’s the networking, speakers, or chance for professional development or training. Heck, it might just be that it’s a darn good time! You can combine that footage with some “man on the street” interviews with your attendees. Ask them to share why they chose to attend the event and where they found value.

You can use these videos to drive registrations for your next event, but don’t stop there! Momentum emails and content are crucial to convert those registrants to attendees. A compelling video of a past event can motivate your registrants to step away from the computer and show up to your event.

Speaker Interviews

If your event budget is on the lean side, you likely aren’t shelling out big bucks for keynote speakers. More and more roadshow events are relying on customers and prospects who are willing to speak in exchange for travel expenses and personal branding. Even if one of your speakers is an executive from your company, the event can be a great place to interview them in a way that positions him or her as a thought leader.

You can also ask your speakers about their experience speaking at the event and to include in a video you’ll send to future prospective speakers. Your next crop of speakers and panelists will know that they’ll be taken care of by your team and get value by speaking at your event.

Event Presentations

Whether it’s a larger event with multiple sessions and speakers or a small roadshow with only one presentation or panel, you should always record the content presented at your events. Your event content should be high quality enough to stand alone as a valuable video asset. You can gate the videos of the presentations to generate leads, use them to promote future events, include them in follow-up emails, etc.

Depending on your budget and resources, recording a presentation can be as simple as setting an iPhone on a tripod and hitting record. As long as the video makes it easy to see the slides  and hear the presenter, it can still be a great asset without spending a fortune on production.

Jon Spenceley