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By Stephanie Goodman in Product News on January 21, 2013

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Marketers need to realize that Google looks to ALL social media platforms, not just your website, to find information about your company. In this post we visit the advantages of using video and how ignoring video could be a lost opportunity to increase SEO. 


What do Panda, Penguin and SEO have in common? I’ll give you a hint: it has nothing to do with the zoo. The correct answer, believe it or not, is Google!

Recently I read an article posted by Fast Company called “SEO isn’t what you think it is,” and after finishing it, realized that SEO really doesn’t work the way a lot of people think it does. The Google code named algorithm “Penguin” proves this point exactly. The integration of Penguin “emphasized the importance of quality content, originality and overall user experience.”

As a marketer, our strategies usually include (should include) our rankings on search engines, more particular, how we can get Google to like us. Unfortunately, this usually results in websites that talk at their audience about a service/product, in an effort to push through as many keywords as possible. We need to:

“stop focusing on technology and tricks and start focusing on people. If your website appeals to people it will appeal to Google’s algorithms too.”

Marketers should realize that Google looks to ALL social media platforms, not just your website, to find information about your company. So ask yourself – aside from my website – where else is my company located online?

You’re on Twitter, FacebookPinterest, Google+ and/or Linkedin? That’s awesome, great start! That’s right, it’s only a start. What about video? Are you communicating to your audience visually? Let’s visit the advantages of using video and how you may be missing out on a great opportunity to enhance your SEO.

Videos are conversational

You need to talk about your brand and company online as if you’re talking to another person, not an algorithm. Use videos as a tactic to help you get there. Videos can set a tone – and a pretty strong one at that – for the way your brand is positioned and perceived by your audience. Is the personality host in your video bland, boring and clearly disinterested in what they’re talking about? Well, now your brand is bland, boring and uninteresting. Use the visual power of video to position your brand the way you want to be received.

SEO exists in video as well

Many people forget this because video is a visual medium and we automatically assume that search engines can’t match keywords to something that is not written copy. Wrong! You can very easily encode your videos with keywords and meta tags to support your overall SEO efforts. Remember, when Google is searching the web for information on let’s say “automotive repair,” they’re not looking at just websites, they’re looking at social media and video as well!

 Videos provide you with more sharable content

As we just mentioned, Google looks all over the web for keywords matching a particular search query. Does your automotive repair company have a solid website, Twitter & Facebook account and a fantastic Youtube integration (side note: Google favours Youtube for video)? The more content and channels you include your company in, the greater the chance that your audience will start talking about you (or to you). The more times your company is mentioned, in conjunction with the keywords “automotive repair,” the more Google will like you!

Spread your wings – and your brand – to video to maximize your online exposure and really start interacting and stimulating your audience.  If you’re looking for more information on video SEO and how you can optimize what you have or how to get started, feel free to reach out to me for a chat.


That was awesome, huh?

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