everyone wants in on this webinarAlright, so you’ve got an important webinar to promote, but you’re an enterprise mobility management and security solutions company. I mean, as a B2B brand with a niche audience, how creative could you possibly get with your marketing?

Based on Fiberlink’s clever approach with video, the answer seems to be pretty flippin’ creative.

Fiberlink, an IBM company, created “Game of Phones”, an animated video inspired by the hit TV show ‘Game of Thrones’ as a way to promote their upcoming webinar outlining today’s battle between various smartphone devices.

As the fun copy on their webinar page details, “Join Fiberlink on May 1, as Medieval Mobile MaaSters from Apple, Android and Windows clash to determine which device family will sit upon the silicon throne.” (whew, sounds like some pretty epic stuff!)

Placing a shorter “trailer” video on the registration page, and using a full-length version for extended promotion, the goal of the video was to get more webinar subscribers. Check out both versions (and prepare to be impressed):

“Teaser Trailer”

Full-length video

The brainchild of campaign director Rob Patey, the videos were created by in-house multimedia design expert Nathan Salla using Lightwave 3D. Once Nathan created the character models, castle, stained glass window, torches and throne, the voiceover was added using Adobe Audition and After Effects.

While not every marketing organization will have access to this level of specialized animation talent, the video is impressive for more reasons than one, and it starts with its marketing purpose.

Creating video around a purpose

One reason this video stands out as especially impressive is its strategic purpose. The video’s call to action directly prompts viewers to register for the themed webinar.

As Nathan revealed, “Like many marketers, We live and die off of webinars for inbound registration. For the longest time we have wanted to up our game beyond email to create something truly social and share worthy. So Rob Patey, Campaign Director, came up with the idea for the webinar when he was watching the end of last season of Game of Thrones. To ride the zeitgeist, we packaged the idea to run alongside this season’s fanfare.”

While the video is perfectly timed to take advantage of the current wave of Game of Thrones popularity, Nathan assured us the video will have an extended shelf life as they modify the ending to suit another strategic marketing purpose.

“While the initial intent was to garner registrations, we believe this video has further potential. After the close of the webinar, we will alter the call to action to drive users to trial a free demo of our enterprise mobility management software.”

In other words, Fiberlink has content repurposing down to a science – and that’s not all they’re strategic about!

Measurable results

measureAfter distributing the video on various social media channels (LinkedIn, Google +, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, etc.), the Fiberlink marketers also asked the entire team to herald the good word of Game of Phones to all of their targeted prospects and they set up a multi-touch drip campaign.

Since releasing the video they have garnered over 400 registrants as well as over 600 views between their embedded Vidyard players on their site and YouTube; it’s the company’s most watched and shared video in the shortest time since launch. But even more importantly, in terms of attention span, 71% of everyone viewing the teaser trailer watches the content all the way through to the end of video CTA. The full-length version holds the attention of 52% of the audience all the way through to the end.

This means that as Fiberlink tracks individual viewers watching their videos (using an integration with their marketing automation platform), they can trigger follow up emails to those who watched the content, but maybe didn’t follow through with the CTA. They’ll be able to use individual viewer’s interaction with the videos as a way to reach out and establish new marketing qualified leads.

Humanizing the brand (and the marketing!)

Fun landing page copyParticularly impressed with the themed webinar and the fun copy on the landing page, I asked Rob to explain his thoughts on why B2B marketers need to adopt a more fun, human tone. As he says:

“There’s a reason pop culture reaches millions while B2B marketers have always festered in the success metrics of thousands (if we’re lucky). We normally don’t speak like humans, climb upon an erudite horse of nonsense copy, and generally induce narcolepsy as we put on false airs. I refuse to be that type of marketer. I constantly have lived with the endeavor to take what is resonating in the public consciousness and slather it like delicious gravy on to the dry biscuit of boring B2B double-talk and confuse-speak. Our target is IT, but ALL people in business are human and have a life outside the office. If a marketer doesn’t recognize this fact they need to go off and write tech manuals.”

Booyeah. Rob Patey, droppin’ some truth bombs about keepin’ it real in the marketing world. Nice.

Overall, I think that Rob and Nathan did a great job altering the Game of Thrones theme to suit their mobile device topic and niche audience. Connecting their video to a strategic purpose was key to making sure the video had measurable results (in the form of new registrants), and altering the video’s CTA after the webinar is a clever way to extend its lifespan.

Bravo Fiberlink – you’re on our radar as a B2B video trailblazer!

Jennifer Pepper