Sharing is Caring!

By Michael Litt in Content Marketing on January 17, 2013

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One of the big reasons for investing in video is the inherent value of having your content shared.

With that in mind, it’s extremely important to consider how easily your viewers can share the content to the networks that matter. After months of research and split testing how your viewers actually share your videos, we’ve simplified our “Viral Sharing Feature” to the networks that matter most:

Facebook, Twitter and E-mail


You’ll notice a new and simplified sharing page (built by our amazing Intern Amir Sharif). It’s simple, non-invasive and gives your viewers the 3 options that matter most.


You’re probably thinking: “Cool – it’s snazzy but it’s nothing new”. This is where I’d like to re-introduce, our sharing pages.

Let’s say you’re working on a training video. You want to share it amongst the support team and you don’t have access to a page that you’d like to embed it to.

What do you do? E-mail the video? Dropbox? YouTube? Those are all clumsy options. Why don’t you use Vidyard’s Sharing page?!

It’s incredibly easy and is included with the other Embed/SEO options.


See the column on the far left? Simply share that URL – people can visit and comment on the video as they wish.

Check it out

Another really cool thing about sharing pages is that this URL can actually be used to embed videos directly into the Facebook feed. Check it out on our Facebook Page.

To do this, simply take the sharing page URL and submit it as an update.


You’ll notice that I added a redirect string to the URL (highlighted in the image):


This allows you to redirect where your fans will go when they click the link! In this case, it’s to the sign up form for our recruiting event tomorrow night.

Don’t forget, you can always push content to your YouTube channel (if you don’t know how, check out this post!)

That’s it that’s all! Remember sharing is caring :). If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or give us a call (our phone is always on).


That was awesome, huh?

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