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November 30, 2017

Skip the Content Gurus and Trust Yourself

Teaming up with the team at Convince & Convert, Vidyard’s VP of Marketing Tyler Lessard hosts the Content Pros Podcast. For this week’s episode, Tyler is joined by Jay Acunzo, Keynote Speaker and Show Host of Unthinkable, to discuss the importance of finding and trusting your intuition when it comes to creating standout content.

Here are a few of our favorite moments:

I’m curious, about the topics you’ve explored, the people you’ve talked to, the research that you’ve done, as it relates to this idea of intuition and it’s role in the content development experience?

I started thinking about why is there is so much average stuff out there? Nobody actually sets out to do average work, but a lot of our work ends up average. When you talk to people they’re like, “Well, I actually do aspire to do better work. I want to do something exceptional.” So I’m focused on that gap between the two. It’s never been easier to just figure out what the average is because you can ask somebody on social or Google it or go to YouTube and find a tutorial. So average is not our problem. Our problem is going from average to exceptional. If you look at the word “exceptional,” again I do the words thing for a living, so I’m fascinated by the make up of a word, exceptional has that root word “exception.” So what makes each person an exception is their own intuition.

Is intuition a part of everybody’s job within the creative process?

Yeah, let’s switch the phrase. I mean it’s a great question, but if you switch the phrase from intuition to thinking for yourself. Then the question becomes, “Who should think for yourself inside the business?” And I’d hope most companies would say everybody, right? Obviously you have some corporations that you might point to from the outside and be like, “Those people treat their employees like cogs,” but I would assume everybody listening to this show is thinking, “Yeah, I’d like to think for myself. I’d like to come up with better, more differentiated answers and ideas, and I’d like my team and my boss, my peers, my direct reports to do that too.” So, to answer your question, I think it’s everybody’s responsibility to do that in any job and if you do have a creative production-related job, it becomes all that more important. Because now, is it not only about thinking for yourself, it’s also about differentiation in a marketplace full of copy cats.

If you want to hear the full podcast, we’ve posted it above, and you can read a full transcript of this talk on Convince & Convert, where it was originally posted!

Hannah Cameron

Hannah Cameron

Hannah is the Content Marketing Manager at Vidyard. When she isn’t planning killer content or shooting fun videos, you’ll find her playing video games, binging true crime podcasts, or planning her next road trip!

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