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May 27, 2015

Top 5 Ways to Manage and Scale your Video Marketing Library

“Who cleaned up and organized? I knew where everything was before!” – Me (and come on, admit it, probably you too.)

There’s a reason why organized people are sometimes considered “neat freaks” – the rest of us want to pretend that our mess is normal. We work so hard that we have no time for anything but what we call “organized chaos”, and continue adding to the clutter.

But listen to me. It’s time to stop the craziness. Organization goes hand in hand with strategy!

Creating awesome videos should only be a part of your video marketing strategy. If you work on each asset individually and then forget about it, you might as well be randomly plunking down bricks in the hopes that they’ll shape themselves into an impressive building.

You’ve invested a lot in your video marketing strategy. Help it grow using these five tips to manage, organize, and build your video library to meet your future marketing needs.

The content journey: “If a canoe is traveling down a river at 5 miles an hour and the front wheels fall off, how many flapjacks does it take to cover a dog house?”

My father used to ask that question to stump people who dropped by our house for a visit. (Needless to say, people stopped coming over.) Are you making a bewildered, wtf-face right now? That’s exactly the kind of face you DON’T want your target audience to have.

Your awesome videos shouldn’t feel random, out of place, or unconnected. You more than likely created them to move viewers along a content journey and through the sales funnel. So why make your viewers try to figure out what to do next, or sort through your mess of videos to find content that’s relevant and interesting to them?

Organize the mess into a content journey using playlists. Consider creating them by audience type (consider your personas), asset type (like putting all webinars together), or asset content (grouping certain products together)…the possibilities are endless.

Don’t forget to use calls-to-action throughout or at the end of your video. You can move viewers directly from one video into the next with a CTA, so the viewer gets all the content that’s relevant to them without having to search for it themselves.

All your assets should have a place in your business goals. You want to be a voice in your industry, and engage your target groups on topics that they’re interested in. Just make sure your content is weighted appropriately so that you don’t end up with tons of high-level, not-really-related-to-the-business videos and only one sad and lonely product demo video.

(…Oh, and if you’re wondering, the answer is 8, because submarines don’t have screen doors.)

Consistent branding: Your viewers should be able to win a blind taste test

Branding is vital to effectively managing your video library. It helps you stand out from the crowd – people will quickly, almost intuitively know which videos are yours. Branding helps keeps your audience focused on you (instead of a competitor or other distraction). And, a consistent look and feel helps even your older videos stay relevant and fresh as your library grows.

The audio and visual quality of your footage, the style you use, the personalities in your video, the text fonts, color, logo, and more techniques should be used with purpose and consistency.

Organization of assets: Do you even remember what’s in that tinfoil swan?

Your video marketing efforts may have started out small with just a couple videos, but if it hasn’t grown into a massive undertaking yet, it likely will. Before you have countless assets sitting around and getting moldy from misuse, organize them using things like metadata, and clear, simple descriptions and titles. Just as importantly, this will help your viewer find relevant content, too!

Sort videos into searchable categories that make sense for your organization and for the audience. Maybe you have a category for salespeople, for internal training, for customers who’ve bought product A, and one for those who have purchased product B. This kind of format may be easier to manage as your library grows, instead of alphabetical or chronological listings.

Break up your longer-form videos into different, bite-sized and reusable parts. An hour-long webinar could be six 10-minute clips that could be reused for different content journeys based on the topics discussed in each section. Just remember to label all the videos clearly, so each part can be identified if needed.

Organizing and managing your content doesn’t mean you have to make it all blandly consistent; don’t use the same splash screen for all your videos, for example (and definitely don’t use your company logo as your splash screens!). Different splash screens can not only encourage your viewers to click, they’ll also help you identify at a glance which ones are what.

Updating and maintaining assets: That tinfoil swan won’t fly away on its own when it’s expired.

Now that you’ve organized your library, you can more easily determine which assets are outdated or no longer relevant. Consistently performing maintenance checks can help make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

If the content is outdated, consider archiving or deleting it. If the message could still be relevant, maybe all it needs is a refresh! Or, if the branding is outdated, that can be an easy fix. If you have a video marketing platform like Vidyard, you won’t need to bug your production team to update a video across all your channels; simply perform a batch edit.

Effective reporting: Who did what, now?

Uh oh, are we back to the bewildered face again? If you feel like you have countless videos and you aren’t sure which assets are worth your time to organize and manage, analytics can help you assess which videos are strong performers. (A video marketing platform like Vidyard will give you all the analytics you need to figure out which videos are contributing to your bottom line. Need I say more?)

You can manage assets effectively through options like tagging, where you can group together similar assets for clear reporting. Want to know how all of your webinars are performing? You can do that! Then you can make adjustments to your content as needed.

Using a reporting tool that can scale with your library will help you deliver only the best content to audiences who are interested.

Permissions: Boom! Didn’t expect a bonus tip, did you?

Here’s a sixth and final suggestion for organizing and effectively managing your video marketing library so that it can grow for the future: Permissions.

Setting permissions in your video assets helps control who should have access to edit, update, delete, repost, embed, and everything else you can do with your videos. Maybe you want to limit how many people have the ability to make changes, or perhaps your team would prefer if the whole team or business unit could add, share, or remove videos as needed.

If you’re using a video marketing platform, different teams or business units can have permissions to use the platform for their own needs without requiring access to, or interfering with, another team’s materials. A sales team, for example, may benefit from using and posting their own videos in an account that is separate from the marketing team’s. As long as permissions are considered as you manage and organize your library, you’ll have access to future success!

Try these tips as you manage your own video marketing library, and let us know how they help you strategize for the future!

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Emily Ross

Emily Ross

Emily was previously the Brand and Creative Manager at Vidyard. Today, she's a UI writer at Intel. Emily loves creating interesting and unique content oh, and food...if you haven't already noticed, she loves food.

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