What if you could make your sales job easier by using video intelligence to help determine exactly when to follow up with a prospect and what message to deliver?

How would it feel to see your name at the top of the leader board month after month?

Competition Requires Intelligence

From the CIA to the NFL, everyone is looking for an edge to stay out in front ahead of their competitor or foe. Better intelligence equals better endgame results.

Years ago the salesperson was taught to ‘spray and pray’ to prospect — blindly taking pages from a phone book and calling or walking into building after building aimlessly on the basis of numbers equals results. Not anymore!

Which is where video intelligence comes in – to help salespeople stay ahead of the game and crush their numbers. When you use video to engage prospects, you have tools at your fingertips to see what videos engage, when the prospect is most likely to open and view the video, and what stage they are at. All that data means you can skip unnecessary steps in your follow-up, and speed up the sales process. As an added bonus, you’ll avoid annoying your prospects by pitching something they don’t need or have any interest in.

When you have intelligence gathered from video that tells you what the client is interested in, and the best time to engage with them, it’s like you’re starting on 3rd base with no outs. You have a leg up on the competition and you have a solution in hand that increases the probability of closing an engaged prospect.

Because of this intel, the salesperson also knows who not to engage with. Video helps weed out low probability prospects, but don’t forget to keep them in your database and nurture them until they do become a higher probability.

When you have better targeted leads that have a higher probability of closing, the salesperson can not only build up a solid, sizeable funnel, and the intel helps you close quicker. Sales turnaround time lets the salesperson make more quality approaches to qualified and interested prospects which helps create more sales.

Video Helps You Convey Your Value

When a prospect can see you, they have a better chance of knowing, liking, and trusting you because they can put a name to a face. You can leverage your personality to win clients over, show yourself an authority in your space, and make your intangibles tangible by presenting that in your video.

Make a video where you tell a story about a client you helped, lay out what the challenge was, the multiple solutions you came up with, and why you chose the solution that ultimately helped your client. This helps your prospect identify with the problem, see the value you provided and think of you as an authority. More authority means more conversions!

Sales Reps will scramble to find a solution that puts highly probable closes in front of them. High percentage prospects that come with analytics to help the sales rep know when and what to focus on as they make the follow up call/approach.

Becoming a Master Video Salesperson

Would you rather smile and dial, or have competitive intel in your hands to help crush your numbers? When you customize your video to your targeted prospects, the conversion ratio increases.

In a study by Forrester Research, video in email engages prospects by increasing click-through rates by over 200% compared to traditional email or article posting.

It doesn’t matter what type of sales you are in, face time with the decision maker counts. Video gives you face time, and gives you the analytics to know when to best follow up and what to follow up with. That kind of data helps you close more business, generate more commission and stay atop the leader board

So how do master video salespeople do it? Simple:

  • They target their market
  • They send emails with headers that get prospects to open the email
  • They leverage their CRM on the proper timing of videos sent
  • They include a video targeted to their audience
  • They tell a story that the prospect can identify with
  • They show their personality — don’t be a stiff!
  • They show their value by providing solutions
  • They show how they applied those solutions and what the end result was
  • They end with a strong call-to-action that makes it easy for the prospect to contact them because they now see the salesman as an advisor with authority.
  • They send follow up emails with a new video

Learn how to leverage video like a pro and be the number one salesperson in your company!


Alaysia Brown