As we’ve discussed in the past, tracking your video view data in your web analytics dashboard is the missing piece to gaining a complete picture of how your visitors engage with your site.

The last time we talked about this, we went into some detail about how you can use the Vidyard Player API to fire custom events in a web analytics platform like Kissmetrics. Today, let’s chat about some of the cool things you can do with Google Analytics.

Not to be outdone by the player event tracking I was hyping, one of our enterprising developers has put together a means to push actual video engagement data into Google Analytics. Want to see what that looks like? Observe:

The data appears in the Google Analytics dashboard under Behavior > Events > Overview.

At the Event Category level, we’ll push the player name like this:

Event Categories are broken down to Event Actions which display the video/chapter title. For example, here are the chapters for the Vidyard Tour player shown above:

At the Event Label you’ll find the engagement milestones for each individual chapter.

The numbers effectively represent the overall percentage of the player that’s been watched. Each time a particular milestone is reached, an event with the category, action and label is fired.

It’s worth mentioning that the milestones are calculated based on the actual time watched and not what point in the video is reached. This means if someone watches the last 30 seconds of your 2 minute video, they get credit for watching 25%, even though it wasn’t the first 25% of your video.

Ready to try it out? If you already have Google Analytics tracking on your page, this is shockingly easy to get set up.

  1. In the head of your page, add the following line:
    <script src="//"></script>
  2. Ensure your Google Analytics tracking code is placed on the page.
  3. In the body of the page, add the following line below all player embed codes:
    <script src="//"></script>

That should get you started. Of course, there’s no substitute for funneling your video engagement data into one of the Vidyard integrated platforms, but if you don’t have one of the available integrations, this is a great place to start seeing how your videos are tracking.

Still yearning for more? Don’t forget that you can push player events like play, pause and complete into Google Analytics as well!

Jivan Ramsahai